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Table Scraps ‘Autonomy’

Table Scraps’ debut Autonomy puts them at the forefront of the British DIY scene, it’s infectiously catchy choruses will leave you walking like a badass all day long
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Birmingham, the second city, a city born again as it was built back up brick by brick from the bottom of the post-industrial decline, glistening and appealing to the eye, much like Table Scraps debut album Autonomy. Out on February 23rd via Zen Ten it hosts ten bolstering tracks that’ll leave you convulsing on your bedroom floor as their deathly growls hum throughout your body. Much like Birmingham itself where their inception occurred, Table Scraps have been broken down and have since fortified their walls from what remained – a gritty post-industrial wave of bass that’s laden with a surprisingly new and shimmering punk sound is what emerged from the ashes. Consisting of drummer Poppy twist, TJ on bass and Scott Vincent Abbott on guitar this trio locked themselves away from a humdrum life, retreating to their four walled fort to whittle away at a tsunami of tracks that’ll blow the ears clean from any face that stands before it.

Autonomy opens with the cardiac arrest inducing single Sick of Me, twisted and distorted with contorted riffs it’s a certified stomach churner that’ll leave a crowd lurching back and forth with a hypnotic drive. Much like the banging donks and head pounding spins of the waltzers if listened to loud enough Sick of Me shall leave you starry eyed and craving more and more as you get spat from your cart into the cold corner this track derives from.

Sitting in complete juxtaposition from the paranoid motif of Sick of Me comes follow up track Always Right, laden with almost arrogant slurs this number embodies Table Scraps’ cult-like charm – particularly with the lyrics “You’re gonna fall in line, replace your thoughts with mine.”. With songs this enticing, soon they’ll be reinvigorating the brains of the dead and marching their army through the front door of your local water hole. Their army are sure to turn any dance floor into a pit full of amalgamated limbs, mercilessly two stepping to the command of Table Scraps.

Autonomy is much like a good book, it keeps you hooked from start to finish and lacks that shite middle part that most others have, with that in mind Lyin’ Thru Yer’ Teeth sits square in the centrefold, and it doesn’t disappoint. With pummelling drums and staggered riffs that’re sure to permeate through your flesh and shake bones into oblivion. Its inherent anger will consume your being, forcing your teeth into a painful grit and send your heart driving faster than that of GG Allen.

The soundscape that Table Scraps manage to create is almost inimitable, with a range spreading far and wide; we turn our attention to the darker side, the cavernous creation that is My Obsession. Oozing with filth and spitting up the black sludge from which it lays beneath at every opportunity, this is a sure-fire bedroom banger. Watch the floor shake as the otherwise quiet folk next door pound their fists into the wall. Drive them mad with the trembling bass that this trio can produce.

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As we come to the penultimate track, More Than You Need Me, we’re met by a grave-rocking bass that’s busy pulling you deep into its crypt. It’s Sabbath-esque riffs and hypnotic twine leave you encapsulated by its sound as you’re driven into their dark underworld. Autonomy’s curtain closes with Do It All Over Again, classic American sounding rock that’s been given a high dose injection of psych. As they hone in on big uplifting hooks for their final piece it becomes apparent we can expect this one to be booming through our stereos on an almost daily basis.

Table Scraps’ debut Autonomy puts them at the forefront of the British DIY scene, it’s infectiously catchy choruses will leave you walking like a badass all day long; whether it’s walking back from work or alongside your morning coffee, they’re fit for any mood and will leave you shaking in your skin waiting for your next fix – because after hearing this album you’re sure to be hooked by this story of eccentricity.

The full track listing is …

  1. Sick of Me
  2. Always Right
  3. I’m A Failure
  4. Takin’ Out The Trash
  5. Lyin’ Thru Yer Teeth
  6. My Obsession
  7. Frankenstein
  8. Treat Me Like Shit
  9. More Than You Need Me
  10. Do It All Over Again