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Electric synth alt-folk-pop funk duo mix Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn score and dispense another slick and gang of stand-alone singles
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Electric synth alt-folk-pop funk duo mix Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn score and dispense another slick and gang of stand-alone singles with their latest masterpiece release, “What Now.”

The group, who penned the band’s name after characters in the iPhone Superbrothers game, “Sword And Sworcery” follow the successful pattern of dropping single musical gems, sprinkled throughout the last several months to entice listeners. The teases of these sensual morsels have left listeners thirsting for more like a user craving a fix from musical withdrawal.

The foot moving body jumping single, “Radio,” and the dark deep sarcastic synth chef-d’oeuvre “Die Young,” first two singles released from the album “What Now,” each has received over six-hundred thousand views on Youtube over the last six or seven months.  The latest single to drop, “Kick Jump Twist” is already seeing extended airplay this month all over the world in anticipation of the new release.

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This past Saturday, to help celebrate Earth Day and Record Store Day, Sylvan Esso treated listeners to an advanced preview of all their tracks on the latest release. Visitors to the band’s website were asked to find single records shown on a map, hidden all over the world at irreplaceable record stores. Once all single records were clicked on and found, the entire album would be available to the viewer.

Soon, Esso-heads will no longer have to feel the burning desire of withdrawal as the latest release is sure to fill many listeners veins with a musical fix.

“Sound,” is an echoed filled mix of Meath’s soulful voice and Sanborn’s master of beats laid open like a needle moaning on a broken record as if Meath has become the sound or the medicine-cure. “The Glow,” is a more upbeat track that sound like it might be influenced during a time period when Sylvan Esso toured with Feist.

“Kick Jump,” sounds like a mash-up of the 80s arcade game, Pong with heavy synthesized beats as Meath croons, “Dance for the camera-for the shutter box with a kick jump.”

The heart of the new release features the soothing and heavily influenced synthesizer hand-clap fusion mix, “Song,” that smacks deep into the heart when Meath buzzes “I’m the song that’s promising you all your wants and needs, needs, and needs, how you wanted it to be real-and-it can be-if you only believe in me.”

Meath’s range on the new release can hypnotize listeners (users) as she is able to inflict pain and pleasure using her falsetto high voice, apparent in “Signal” when she sings “It’s a signal in the jungle, in the noise,” and then infiltrates over to “Slack Jaw” where her painful protest for love, music, and soul is underscored as she grovels “Sometimes I’m above water, but mostly I’m at sea, oh slack jaw me, can’t you see there are so many rhythms and harmonies,” “Slack Jaw.” When all else fails and nothing seems to go right, why not feel good by

In “Just Dancing,” Meath offers the advice of pushing and pulling back and forth when she quells “Let’s never stop starting, with you and me we’ll build back what we broke back then-reverse collision-just dancing. Just pretend-but it feels so good when we begin-freeze it now before it ends-never stop, never stop starting.”

Meath and Sanborn polish their mixture slash stand-alone pearl, “What Now” with what might be the best suggestion for those looking for their next fix of music from the band by providing both the fill and refill through the song, “Rewind.” As Sanborn magically flows a mixture of guitars, kettle drums and synthesized beats, Meath disperses the magical, musical advice to, “Watch that-take it on back, take it on back to the rewind-yeah-moving so fast-back- what it take do it again-light up the room.”

Those looking for a Sylvan Esso fix can visit the band’s website to preview the new tracks or suffer withdrawals until the upcoming release at the end of April.

Sylvan Esso’s “What Now” drops on the 28th of April, 2017 via Loma Vista Recordings distributed by Concord Music Group.

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