The Sheepdogs 'Future Nostalgia' - ALBUM REVIEW
The Sheepdogs 'Future Nostalgia' - ALBUM REVIEW

The Sheepdogs ‘Future Nostalgia’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Sheepdogs article was written by Ailsa McEwan, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse

Despite an ever-changing music scene, sounds of the past never seem to truly fade. With a style so firmly rooted in the 70’s, Canadian rockers The Sheepdogs are just one of many modern-day bands keeping these sounds alive. Their latest release, the curiously titled ‘Future Nostalgia,’ does not see the band break any new ground but proves them as masters of their craft with 18 killer tracks of pure, good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

‘I’m Going To Be Myself’ is an explosive entrance abundant with monster guitar riffs and infectious grooves – the epitome of The Sheepdogs’ sound. The urge to dance is almost irrepressible and any fan of boogie rock should be instantly won over by this belter of an opener.

Remarkably, the initial excitement generated in the listener is sustained across the entire album. A steady drum beat beneath the drone of a driving bassline in ‘Take A Trip’ never allows your attention to stray and even after a staggering 18 songs, epic finisher ‘Where I Can Roam Reprise’ still has us hooked. Characterised by catchy melodies and tight three part harmonies, these classic rock gems are balanced with slightly softer, more emotional songs such as ‘Jim Gordon’ which, although tinged with sadness, always maintain that grooviness that The Sheepdogs do best.

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Frontman Ewan Currie provides smooth, powerful vocals that impress yet manage to retain a certain modesty – there is not too much showing off and each player shines through with equal strength and presence. From a funky rhythm section to bluesy lead guitars, it seems together The Sheepdogs are the perfect formula for an invigorating retro rock ‘n’ roll band. Perhaps most impressive is the band’s consistency – there is not one weak track on the album, no filler, just perfectly crafted feel good boogie rock.

‘Future Nostalgia’ will be welcomed with open arms by classic rock sentimentalists but the melodic warmth, expertise and energy present on each track should be just as relevant to fans of rock music in general. The Sheepdogs may draw inspiration from the past, but the sound they replicate is timeless and will no doubt be embraced by generations to come. With this in mind, ‘Future Nostalgia’ seems a fitting title for this rock ‘n’ roll classic.

‘Future Nostalgia’ is out on the 2nd October via Warner Music.

The Sheepdogs 'Future Nostalgia' - ALBUM REVIEW