Sentidor ‘Am_Par_Sis’

With a dazzling, prismatic ambience, 'Am_Par_Sis' is a deep record that requires patience to fully understand, but richly rewards those who persevere
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Sentidor’s ‘Am_Par_Sis’ is an album that asks it’s listeners to do something relatively few records do: to fill in the dots. Though ostensibly rooted in Latin America’s rich musical tradition, in reality ‘Am_Par_Sis’ is an album that exists outside of any overt musical landscape. Although it pulls it’s many samples from Latin music (both traditional and contemporary) it chops, blends and mashes those samples so thoroughly that the end result is an album free of geographic – and to an extent even stylistic – boundaries.

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While there is the odd reference point here and there – the glitchy ambience of Fennesz comes to mind at times – ‘Am_Par_Sis’ is generally a distinctly individual album. Without overt rhythm or melody, it is a collection of musical pieces that require it’s listener to find their own adventure – and use their imaginations to embellish the winding, abstract soundscapes that Sentidor creates. It’s not to say that the album can’t provide merit on it’s own terms, but it’s an album best consumed by those who can find riches in the finest sonic details and run with them. It is, in short, an album to be scrutinised and every pore perused for meaning and movement.

‘Am_Par_Sis’, then, is a interesting proposition. Much like a make-your-own-adventure book, it’s an album that provides it’s listeners with a rich framework with which to run. It is purpose-made for each listener to find their own meaning and interpretations; and those looking for a more concrete, tangible experience won’t find it here. Those with the patience and imagination to transpose their own worlds onto the vividly surreal, kaleidoscopic ambience of Sentidor’s ‘Am_Par_Sis’ will find a complex record that rewards the determined listener.