Say Yes Dog 'Plastic Love' - ALBUM REVIEW
Say Yes Dog 'Plastic Love' - ALBUM REVIEW - photo by Benni Park

Say Yes Dog ‘Plastic Love’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This SayYes Dog review was written by Rebecca Green, a GIGsoup contributor. Lead photo by Benni Park

Say Yes Dog 'Plastic Love' - ALBUM REVIEWBerlin based three piece Say Yes Dog consist of Aaron Ahrends, Pascal Karier and Paul Rundel. Say Yes Dog, or SYD as they are also known, are throwing the electronic gauntlet down with ‘Plastic Love.’ The debut album comes two years after ‘A Friend’ EP was released, with the track ‘A Friend’ featuring midway through the album.

‘Plastic Love’ kicks off with an uplifting, bass heavy, synth-pop eargasm called ‘Talk.’ The melancholic lyrics create a stark difference to the bouncy beat. Delivered in a beautifully dry Metronomy-esque style, it sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s seductive yet witty, with looping vocals that create a gorgeous dizzy feeling with catchy melodies that swirl around and give a feeling of sheer delirium.

The tracks vary in tempo but not in impact and ‘Plastic Love’ is crammed full of hits. Sounding like the Presets on some of the darker tracks, but maintaining the flirty coyness of Hot Chip. ‘You Want My Love’ is a prime example of this; delicious falsetto vocals with a deep house bass; “You want my love so bad, I want your love so bad” sung in a gorgeously breathy way that is almost an order as well as a plead.

‘Stronger’ is a bit more pop, with a beat that gallops through the track – the accompanying video is a bit weird and features a one-shoed ragged man heading down a deserted road – almost The Walking Dead territory. He meets a girl, they talk and she continues down the road alone; there’s a metaphor in there.

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Mid-way through ‘Plastic Love’ there is a vocoder-laced minimalist instrumental, it provides a break in the album, almost to catch your breath before it gets back to the business of broken beats and frenzied bleeps Crystal Castles would be proud of.

The album wraps up with ‘Focus’ and ends on the high it begins with. It has a feel good sound that builds and builds and is cheerful, elevating and almost balearic. A sing-a-long, hands in the air type track that creates a summer nostalgia and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Overall, ‘Plastic Love’ is an infectious aural party. The kind of daily soundtrack that could take you from an early morning commute, straight through the day and on to a hot and sweaty night in the club.

A great, solid album that delivers – you could listen to this over and over and over (and over). It is like an amalgamation of your favourite electronic bands all rolled into one, with a sleek production and confidence you would come to expect from a band that have been around for decades.

Drawing comparisons to Zoot Woman, Metronomy and Hot Chip is never a bad thing. The threesome have found a style that fits them perfectly and ‘Plastic Love’ does not disappoint.

‘Plastic Love’ is out now via Diskodogs Records.

Say Yes Dog 'Plastic Love' - ALBUM REVIEW