This RÜFÜS article was written by Jen Taylor a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

RÜFÜS, the three-piece electronic group from Sydney, Australia, have finally released their second album, ‘Bloom’. This time around, they’re sounding more grown up; like they’ve had their party days, and now they’re slowing down, chilling out. Conceptualised and developed in Berlin, this album contains elements of Deep House interwoven throughout the catchy melodies that RÜFÜS are known for.

As a whole, ‘Bloom’ has fewer stand-out tracks than its predecessor ‘Atlas’, however it is an album destined to grow on you with each listen. Three singles hit the streets prior to the album release: ‘You Were Right’, ‘Like and Animal’ and ‘Innerbloom’. Combined, these songs provide a fairly accurate cross-section of the album; catchy, chilled, grooving.

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There is a possibility that some fans will initially be slightly disappointed by this album – it is definitely different vibe from their first album. But the high quality of the song-writing should push past expectations and help it to warm in everyone’s hearts. This album has its place, and although that place might be more suited to a Sunday afternoon chill session as opposed to a club, it definitely adds a maturity to their catalogue. Having said that, there are some big room electronic sounds typical of RÜFÜS that will translate well in a club environment, so it will be interesting to see how the shows on their upcoming tour play out.

‘You Were Right’ features some of those electronic sounds that make RÜFÜS recognisable from a mile away. This song is catchy, fun, immediately memorable, and destined to go down well live, with cut-backs and build-ups used expertly to complement the overall feel.

‘Daylight’ is a beautiful hazy electro dream-pop number, with a melody that is guaranteed to get stuck in people’s heads from the first listen. Tyrone Lindqvist’s vocals have a very casual feel in this track which contributes well to its overall vibe, and the added harmonies and layered vocal lines are particularly effective.

The real moment of absolute perfection on this album comes at the end: ‘Innerbloom’ is undoubtedly the pièce de résistance of this musical offering. Having been released as a single prior to the album launch means that its presence is no surprise to those who follow RÜFÜS. Situated at the end of the album, it is the moment where it all comes together, culminating in this final nine-minute masterpiece. The sparseness works well, and there are a few moments during the song when the music drops away almost completely and comes back in with various types of electronic beats. The last time is especially poignant as the piercing sustained electronic notes penetrate the very being of the listener, as Lindqvist’s desperate vocals float in over the top, repeating the haunting ‘if you want me, if you need me, I’m yours’. This song is so far from the party vibes RÜFÜS have been known for, but its brooding rawness makes it an immediate hit.

‘Bloom’ is out now via Sweat It Out Music!