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Roo Panes
A move forward from a much loved British singer-songerwriter.  A perfect album to soundtrack your sun-kissed summer evenings
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Over the last 5 years Roo Panes has amassed over 175 million streams and had massive success with his track ‘Tiger Striped Sky’. Taken from his 2014 debut album, it’s one of those tracks you’ll recognise but probably have no idea who made it. Today he returns with new album ‘Quiet Man’. It’s an album that further demonstrates there is more to Roo than just one heavily-streamed single. He is, in fact, one of the finest singer-songwriters the UK has produced in a long long time.

Known for writing music filled with positive messages, new album Quiet Man is brimming with songs encouraging others. From tales of seeing the good in people to more introspective themes of self-love and growth, ‘Quiet Man’ packs an emotional punch. It’s an album about choosing to live life in the light and not giving into the dark.

Compared to his previous records the sound of ‘Quiet Man’ is a step forward sonically.  It see’s Roo moving away from the tradition singer-songwriter tones of his first two records.  ‘Quiet Man’ moves him into a world of bigger, vaster, and more cinematic soundscapes.  Close your eyes and at times on ‘Quiet Man’ you could almost be listening to the epic beauty of Icelandic heroes Sigur Rös.

Recent single ‘A Message To Myself’, with its shimmering atmospherics, is the biggest example of this.  Produced by Bassi Fox of Mt Wolf. “The song started as a minimalist piano concept, with a repetitive piano scale throughout” Roo explains. “It felt different from some of my previous tracks. I felt from the get go that the song needed a particular kind of treatment. Being called ‘A Message To Myself’ I wanted it to have a minimalist, intimate, meditative kind of feeling.  But I also wanted to express the sheer power and drama of one’s thoughts.  And for it to have an expansive feeling, so was bit of a balance. Hearing Mt Wolf’s style and knowing that we shared some similar musical tastes I thought he’d be great to work with on it”.

Watch the ‘A Message To Myself’ video:

New single ‘Sketches of Summer’ is perhaps the album’s gentlest and most beautiful example of the long-player’s overall enveloping feeling of warmth and happiness. It is also the most sonically representative of Roo’s state of mind when writing ‘Quiet Man’, a record he describes as coming from “a place of stillness, peace and contentment”.

‘A Year In A Garden’ is beautifully introspective and personal.  The aforementioned ‘A Message to Myself’ is a sonic delight. ‘Ophelia’ is a staggeringly beautiful song filled with a heart-warming message of encouragement to a loved one (“Take heart my love as when I see you I see hope”).   Bring these together with the remaining tracks and ‘Quiet Man’ is an album that delivers beautiful moments from start to finish.  A move forward from a much loved British singer-songerwriter.  A perfect album to soundtrack your sun-kissed summer evenings.

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