Triptides - Predictions new album
Triptides - Predictions

Review : Triptides – ‘Predictions’

Triptides new surf-pop album ‘Predictions’ could seem a little out of place on a dark autumn Monday morning. However, while the sun soaked days of July and August seem a distant memory this album provides a gentle nudge and a reminder back to those halcyon times.

This perfectly produced album is the follow up to the band’s debut ‘Sun Pavilion’ and is a much grander affair. The psychedelic sound is still there but the album seems more together than its predecessor. While the genre seems to be fairly popular at the moment (see Temples, Tame Impala etc.) the band do seem to have stamped their own mark on it. Wistful vocals and quite glorious guitars provide escapism from the monotony and grey of pollution filled cities.

Triptides started as a bedroom project back in 2010. The duo of Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe quickly turned into a quartet as Josh Morrow and Dylan Sizemore were added, and the band as we know them were formed. Their confident song-writing and togetherness is quite remarkable considering the band have only been together for 3 years. ‘Set You Free’ and ‘Sundown’ are testament to this and are beautifully performed tracks, that showcasing their obvious talent.

If there’s one criticism it would be that the first half of the album is stronger than the latter, as the album seemed to fade a little. However, the use of the ‘shuffle’ button would soon remedy that.

It’s an uplifting album that deserves a listen. You’ll be thinking of crashing waves, sunsets and long sandy beaches long after the album finishes.

The track listing of the album is as follows…

1. Set You Free
2. Predicition
3. Can You See Me
4. Another Shore
5. Couch Surfer
6. Lucidly Dreaming
7. Night Owl
8. Mystery
9. Sundown
10. Tapestry
11. Visions
12. My Love

Download: Set You Free, Prediction, Sundown

Rating: 4 out of 5

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