T.Hardy-Morris - Audition Tapes
T.Hardy-Morris - Audition Tapes

Review : T. Hardy Morris – “Audition Tapes”

T. Hardy Morris is best known for his work with Dead Confederate, a band he has been with since 2006. However, this solo project is a more personal journey for the artist. Not only are the songs recorded and arranged in a particular manor (more on that later) but the subject matter seems closer to home.

Hardy made a decision to record personal and quite stunning video’s for each track. After he had finished writing and recording the tracks on “Audition Tapes” he decided to visit and record accompanying black and white videos for each of the tracks on the album. Along with filmmaker and photographer Jason Thrasher he visited 10 historic sites throughout Georgia to create a beautiful visual aid for what is a quite stunning album, from beginning to the end.

The album is recorded to tape. If you’ve been around the block like me you’ll know what a big deal that is. Some of the songs were recorded in one take and if you listen carefully you can hear the steady tapping against the guitar casing or the whisp in Morris’s voice. It is quite invigorating. Morris himself said “For obvious reasons, I knew I wanted to record Audition Tapes onto tape, and preferably in a small studio, recorded as live as possible, late at night. So that’s pretty much what we did over in Nashville.”

It is almost impossible to pick favourite tracks from the album. The 10 pieces of work leave you mouth open, jaw to the ground and in a state of sheer bliss. If I had to be pushed then it would be “Beauty Rest” …  a track so uncomplicated but haunting it demands to be listened to again.

The full track listing is…

  1. Lucky
  2. Disaster Proof
  3. OK Corral
  4. Audition Tapes
  5. Hardstuff
  6. Quit Diggin’
  7. Share the Needle
  8. History’s Hoax
  9. Beauty Rest
  10. Own Worst Enemy


Download: Beauty Rest, Lucky

Rating: 5 out of 5

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