Swim Deep - Where the Heaven Are We
Swim Deep - Where the Heaven Are We

Review : Swim Deep – “Where the Heaven Are We”

Do Swim Deep have God-like powers? “Nonsense” some may shout, “Blasphemy” others. I’m serious though. I’ve been listening to this album since 10:00am this morning. I’ve watched people walk past tittering and frolicking in the glorious warm summer sun, even catching the odd ray myself before returning to “ye olde mouse and keyboard”. However, the absolute second I stop listening the clouds open and a downfall soaks me through. A rain storm so hard in fact that Noah himself would have been quite impressed.

And that’s the key here. It’s a cliche I know but, this really is a feel good summer album. Parts of the album seem to sparkle and there is certainly no somberness to even the slower tracks. I simply couldn’t imagine walking through 4 feet of snow humming along to this.

It’s a strong debut from the West Midlands foursome. It’s probably no coincidence that the strongest tracks on “Where the Heaven Are We” are the four that have already been released as singles. “King City”, “Honey”, “The Sea” and the excellent “She Changes the Weather” are clearly a cut above the rest. However, there are other impressive moments. “Soul Trippin” is instantly likable and “Colour Your Ways” is the definition of indie/pop.

If I were to find one criticism then I suppose i would have to ask “is any of this new”? The answer is “no”. At times it feels like a homage to 90’s indie music. You can hear the Moch Turtles in there, and early Charlatans. It’s saving grace is that it does contain intelligent songwriting, very clever lyrics and most importantly there are some amazing hooks. Any album that I can listen to for seven hours straight must have a little wow factor to it.

Anyway, the albums back on again now. I have to cycle to my girlfriends for a steak dinner and i’m certainly not in the mood for another soaking.

Full track listing is…


  1. Intro
  2. Fransisco
  3. King City
  4. Honey
  5. Colour Your Ways
  6. Make My Sun Shine
  7. The Sea
  8. Red Lips I Know
  9. Soul Trippin
  10. Stray
  11. She Changes the Weather


As well as playing Rough Trade tomorrow (6th August 2013) Swim Deep are also about to start a UK tour. Dates are as follows…

Sheffield, Queen’s Social Club (September 16th)

Manchester, Academy 3 (September 17th)

Leeds, Cockpit (September 19th)

Birmingham, Town Hall (September 20th)

Nottingham, Rescue Rooms (September 21st)

Cardiff, The Globe (September 22nd)

Oxford, 02 Academy 2 (September 23rd)

Cambridge , The Junction (September 24th)

Brighton, Concorde 2 (September 25th)

London, Shepherds Bush (September 27th)


Download: She Changes the Weather, Soul Trippin and King City

Rating: 4 out of 5

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