Some Skeletons 'VIGILS' - Album Review
Some Skeletons 'VIGILS' - Album Review

Some Skeletons ‘VIGILS’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Some Skeletons article was written by Hugues Tyson, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Adam Barrett.

‘VIGILS’ is a solid alternative rock album, if you’re a fan of Biffy Clyro and Smashing Pumpkins you’ll probably like this release, however whilst the complexity of those bands is attempted, it’s overall too fleeting to be regarded as a great album.

Nottingham based rockers Some Skeletons describe their genre as ‘Alternative Rock’, nothing too complex or boundary pushing; however that does not take away the quality of the music produced. On their Facebook page they regard bands like Smashing PumpkinsAnd You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead as their inspirations or favourite bands and that definitely comes across in their second album ‘VIGILS’.

‘VIGILS’ follows in a similar trend to their debut album ‘Kypes ¦ Pests ¦ Throats’ wherein first track (‘Kypes’) on the record was a short 2:09 minute song that eased you into a cacophony of rock guitar riffs and fast paced drumming. The same can be said of ‘VIGILS,’ with opening track named suitably ‘The Mouth’.

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‘The Mouth’ works as a building block for the rest of the album, a song that suits the very definition of alternative rock by combining the genres of rock and grunge; using basic guitar chords working with a heavy bassline. However the key part of the opening song is the manner that it opens up the rest of the album, with the track being just 1:13 minutes you are always waiting for a climatic introduction of much more upbeat rock riffs and licks, which do come in but in the second track ‘To Exceed, To Achieve’. ‘The Mouth’ is one of the most important songs on the album, setting a slower tone thus allowing the climatic drop to come in with ‘To Exceed, To Achieve’ which then sets the theme for the rest of the LP.

After the introduction of heavy riffs in ‘To Exceed, To Achieve’ Some Skeletons ease things off in ‘Indoor Meteors’, working a softer song reliant upon the harmonies of the band during the bridge of the song. The chorus itself is still relatively heavy and loud however the strongest part of the song without a doubt is the bridge. The two distinctive changes in pace in the song allow it to be much more listenable, there is progression within the song rather than just being a basic rock/grunge song like track number two ‘To Exceed, To Achieve’.

However it would be wrong to discuss this album without discussing the vocal harmonies so often incorporated by the band. This is what separates Some Skeletons from other wannabe alternative rock bands, they are not relying upon just heavy riffs and catchy chorus’. It’s hard to say a single track which the vocal harmonization is best, as it is heavily used in every track to great affect.

Yet that being said throughout the album you get the general feeling of nothing groundbreaking or genre defining. Comparisons can be made between ‘VIGILS’ and Biffy Clyro‘s debut album ‘Blackened Sky’ which when released in 2002 was still regarded as being released a decade too late due to the Seattleite grunge themes. The same can be said of this Some Skeletons release, a solid album that has you tapping your feet throughout the duration of it but no particular standout song or feeling from ‘VIGILS’ as a whole.

‘VIGILS’ is out on the 4th December via Mountains of Records.

Some Skeletons 'VIGILS' - Album Review