san cisco - new album
san cisco - new album

Review : San Cisco – “San Cisco”

San Cisco were somewhat of a YouTube sensation earlier this year. Their excellent version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” was actually better than the original and managed to spawn an impressive 2 million views for the likable Australian four-piece. A series of well received gigs seemed to confirm their credentials as an extremely entertaining band and the single “Awkward” was proof, if needed, that they could write their own catchy material.

San Cisco’s self-titled debut album is a collection of well toured songs. “Beach”, “Fred Astaire”, “Wild Things” and “Awkward” have been around for a while now and these make up the core of the album. Each have a real indie-pop feel to them and they work on a basic level, if not feeling a little dated. None of it is extremely unique but there is certainly an uplifting feel to proceedings.

“Rocket Ship” is the absolute stand out track on the album. The “Ooh La La La” chorus is extremely addictive and lyrically it’s a very, very clever song. However, the rest of the album is just average. With the exception of “Rocket Ship” (and maybe “Awkward”) there are no other high points but at the same time there are no real low points either. Even with low points there is something to discuss. Not here. It’s an album I found hard to get excited about. Strangely though it’s the album I listened to the most before writing a review (12 times and still counting). I really wanted to find something within its content. I wanted there to be something I’d missed on the previous listens. There wasn’t.

Without contradicting what I’ve said above, but in parts though the album does have an up-lifting pace to it and I like the fact it’s clearly written to entertain. There is no morbidity or dwelling on relationship break-ups, the recession, death etc. It’s heart felt and you have to congratulate the group on that. I personally think there are bigger things to come from San Cisco. Their live set is so good it would be impossible for them not to take inspiration from it.

Full track is as follows…

  1. Beach
  2. Fred Astaire
  3. Awkward
  4. Hunter
  5. Wild Things
  6. No Friends
  7. Lyall
  8. Metaphors
  9. Mission Failed
  10. Stella
  11. Rocket Ship
  12. Nepal
  13. Outro

The band also have a few dates left of their european tour. These are…

October 15Glasgow, UK – Classic Grand

October 16Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute

October 17 London, UK – Scala

October 19Paris, France – Fleche d’Or

October 21Brussels, Belgium – Botanique


Download: Awkward, Rocket Ship

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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