Pompeii new album "Bad Blood" - "BadBlood"
Bad Blood - Bastille featuring the track "Pompeii"

Review : Bastille – “Bad Blood”

By the time you read this review there is an above average chance that “Bad Blood” will be top of the UK album chart. It will be there primarily on the basis of beautiful cover art, MTV play (some may even say over-play), very clever marketing but most importantly the excellent single “Pompeii”. Congratulations chaps.

However, get ready for a reality check. This is simply an “OK” album. Nothing special, and certainly won’t be appearing on any “Top 100 albums of all time” lists.

When I review albums there is always a process that I follow. It always helps not to be drunk, not have screaming children running around your feet and not to be at family gatherings (funerals are a real no-no). There are times I may have taken any of the above though rather than another full listen of this album.

And key phrase has to be “full listen”. After about the fifth time of listening to this album it occurred to me how clever the record company had been with the order in which the tracks are listed. The album starts with “Pompeii“,which most would agree is a ruddy good track. You’re then forced to listen to four average tracks before getting to the next good song, “Weight of Living, Pt. II“. Then guess what? Yes, another four bland tracks before you are introduced to the very excellent “Laura Palmer.”

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The track order is so important. Just as you’re starting to drop off … “BOOM”, you get a good track. (A quick note for those who listened to the album in shuffle mode … none of the above would have meant anything to you so you’ll just have to trust me).

There is no doubt it “Bad Blood” will sell millions worldwide. However, it’s just tedious and there are so many better albums out there at the moment offering the same sort of thing.


Download: Laura Palmer, Weight of Living, Pt. II and Pompeii

Rating: 2 out of 5