ocean colour scene - painting
Ocean Colour Scenes 2013 release - Painting

Review: Ocean Colour Scene – Painting

Painting” is Ocean Colour Scenes tenth studio album and the follow up to 2010’s “Saturday“. Disappointingly the format is much the same as it’s predesesor, and the two releases before that. If you’re a fan i would suggest that this is probably fantastic news. However, when a group with this much talent release tunes that could feature on any of their previous albums (with the obvious expception of Moseley Shoals) it’s somewhat of a let down.

The track “Doodlebook” sounds as though it is a work in progress from beginning to end and “Weekend” is just too weak and would have been better left off the album altogether. However, “If God Made Everyone” and “Professor Perplexity” are the exceptions, loud and with strong strings. The latter distorts in parts and deserves to be played at a higher volume or added to your playlist. Both are clever tracks which you would think would be highlighted on their forthcoming tour.

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Mistaken Identity” is also beautifully written. The subject matter is obviously quite personal to Simon Fowler. It deals with the fatal stabbing of a man in Richmond Park back in 2004 and Fowlers meeting with the murderer just before the incident. Fowler was told to “Stay Lucky” by the man before he eventually murdered a cyclist.

Fowlers voice is outstanding throughout and seems to be as powerful now as it was back in 1992, when they released their self titled album. It briefly takes you back to the  summer of 1996 and to the brilliance of “Riverboat Song“, “Day We Caught the Train” and “You’ve Got It Bad“. But the hard truth is that the album in no way delivers the raw passion of “Moseley Shoals“.

Download: If God Made Everyone, Professor Perplexity and Mistaken Identity

Rating: 2 out of 5