Review: Mumford and Sons – Babel

There’s a common phrase in music, “the difficult second album”. It’s a phrase that has been bandied around for years and has caused various bands in the past to simply implode (Ting Tings and Fratellis please raise your hands).

To the above list now add Mumford and Sons and their disappointing second album, “Babel”.

The brogue, waistcoat wearing quartet from West London haven’t made the worst album you’ll ever hear, far from it. However, it simply doesn’t contain the beautiful, clever song writing from the group’s debut album “Sigh No More”. That particular album sold 2.5 million copies in the US alone but this follow up will be hard pushed to reach those types of sales figures.

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The main issue is that it simply offers nothing new. It’s a collection of songs that would be better off released as a “B-sides” collection (no offence meant to Elbow or Oasis who have both released well received albums in that form). Even the single “I Will Wait” doesn’t match up to any of the tracks from “Sigh No More”.

Fans of the band will certainly recognise the track “Lover of the Light” from their live sets and this tune, along with title track “Babel” certainly stands out from the rest.

Generally though it’s quite an under-whelming album.

Download: Lover of the Light, Whispers in the Dark and Babel

Rating: 2 out of 5