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Review : The Leisure Society – “Alone Aboard the Ark”

The impossible has just happened. It’s so rare I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it before. I’ve literally just smiled through the entire first listen of an album. I wasn’t being tickled, I wasn’t drinking beer and most of all I did not have the women’s Brazilian beach volleyball side hanging out in my apartment.  I think I may have just listened to a piece of perfect music. Beautiful, melodic and with the lovely bit of “crackle” that only my turntable can provide when listening to vinyl.

The album in question? Well ladies and gentlemen raise a glass and shout a mighty hurrah to “The Leisure Society” and their third wonderful album “Alone Aboard the Ark”.

While not the overriding highlight of 2013 (that was the discovery of my new local pub) it is without any doubt the musical highlight, thus far.

On previous album reviews some of you would have let off a despondent sigh as I picked a selection of tracks and insist you listen to them (or not, in the case of the Stereophonics – Graffiti on the Train). I may have also moaned about the inconsistency of the track order. On certain occasions I would even have had a little snipe about the lyrical content. Not today. This is really simple … listen to this album, in any order, at any time of day, on your own or with the strange guy who sits next to you on the bus (the one with the badly fitting suit and unconventional nasal hair). Hand him one of the headphones and insist he share in your new find. Upon leaving the bus you’ll be skipping hand-in-hand to your place of work.

If I’m honest I’m a little embarrassed I had not come across their previous material until about 12 months ago. The band were signed back in 2009 and each member is associated with a plethora of other groups. They’ve been nominated for more awards you can shake a stick at and Brian Eno once stated that “The Leisure Society” were “The only other thing I’ve been listening to lately with enthusiasm“. Praise indeed if not a little muted.

“The Leisure Society” are also about to embark on a Europe wide tour and I for one will be in attendance for a couple of the dates. As a side note, if you do own a turntable then buy this on vinyl. The cover artwork matches the beauty of the content.


Download: Fight for Everyone, Tearing the Arches Down, All I have Seen

Rating: 5 out of 5

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