Iceage - You're Nothing
Iceage 2013 release "You're Nothing"

Review: Iceage – “You’re Nothing”

It’s “Iceage” … one word and certainly not two. For information on the hottest band to come out of Copenhagen ensure your Google criteria contains the former spelling. The other throws up results about “Sid the Sloth”, “Diego” and a woolly mammoth called “Manny”. Entertaining I’m sure but certainly a country mile away from this excellent Danish post-punk band.

You’re Nothing” is nothing short of exhilarating from first to last song. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s strong, loud, breathless locals feed the dark melodies and each song grows on you with every listen.

It’s a different sounding album that their 2011 release “New Brigade”. Each song on “You’re Nothing” has more of an edge than their previous  album. It’s also beautifully under-produced and for a reason, they produced it themselves. It feels almost as though you’re listening to a live recording which just seems to work. There are certainly no bells or whistles and every song is there simply on merit alone.

Ecstasy” kicks of the album and is the strongest song here. It’s edgy but melodic and actually quite beautiful in places. “Coalition” then picks you up out of your seat and certainly tells you that you’ve arrived. It’s hard and brash and quite exhausting.

It won’t be on everyone’s “jogging” playlist, for sure, but put quite simply … this is punk-rock at its best.


Download: Ecstasy, Everything Drifts

Rating: 4 out of 5