New album by Goldheart Assembly is the incredible "Long Distant Song Affects"
Goldheart Assembly - Long Distant Song Affects

Review : Goldheart Assembly – “Long Distance Song Effects”

I stumbled across a couple of reviews of “Long Distance Song Effects” in local press. Why oh why is everyone so intent on comparing this album to Mumford & Sons?

Goldheart Assembly have created a quite beautiful second album based on their own musical beliefs. There is no comparison to be made to the Mumford’s. There are quite stunning songs that instilled love even in my own cold heart while there are also tracks that give the album a real edge. For romance look no further than “Harvest in the Snow” and the quite brilliant “Behind the Lonely Sun”. The latter, I fear, may be used in X-Factor clips for years to come.

For foot stomping then “Billy in the Lowground” is a fantastic way to start the album. If comparisons must be made then this has a Beatles signature to it. Fantastic chords and lyrically brilliant. “Transit” is a thumping track that then re-introduces the band back in their own light … no comparisons need be made.

It’s an album all music fans should own. It’s clever and more importantly very up-lifting. The full track listing is…

  1. Long Distance Song Effects
  2. Billy In the Lowground
  3. Harvest In the Snow
  4. Transit
  5. Stephanie And The Ferris Wheel
  6. Linnaeus
  7. Sad Sad Stage
  8. The Idiot
  9. Into Desperate Arms
  10. Behind This Lonely Sun
  11. Bird On A Chain


Download: Behind this Lonely Sun, Transit

Rating: 4 out of 5

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