Ghost Town 'Evolution' - ALBUM REVIEW

Ghost Town ‘Evolution’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Ghost Town article was written by Kellie Shearer, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Tim Burden

Hollywood electro-rockers Ghost Town‘s latest offering ‘Evolution’ is a high intensity thrill ride from the very first track, offering a seemingly endless amount of energy, anthem worthy lyrics and vibrant synths. It’s no surprise when you look at the other acts that call Fueled by Ramen home; acts such as Paramore, Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots, not forgetting Fueled by Ramen alumni Fallout Boy, Yellowcard and Less Than Jake.

Ghost Town‘s 2014 drop ‘The After Party’ seems like the immature cousin of ‘Evolution’, with the band growing not only musically but lyrically whilst writing their latest offering. The theatrical nature of tracks like ‘Acid’, ‘I’m Weird’ and ‘Carnival’ give the album a dramatic flair that had faded out between the two albums, instead being replaced by themes of revolution, love and general good times. Look back to 2013 and the band’s debut ‘Party in the Graveyard’ and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

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The album starts with the future anthem that is ‘Spark’. Its slow plucked introduction is a red herring for what follows. The bouncing bass and hard-hitting drums immediately grab the attention of the listener and provide the perfect introduction. The heart pounding rhythm and energy of ‘Spark’ combined with the rebellious lyrics make it a stand out track on the album and a definite song to listen out for in the future.

Next we move on to the darker ‘Evolution’, filled to the brim with vocal filters and synth effects that draw the listener even further in. There’s no time to take a breath before ‘Mean Kids’ kicks the door down and proves that Ghost Town are here to make a serious impact. ‘Out Alive’ continues the band’s dark bad boy vibe with a heart-pounding, tone-pulsing synth and gut-wrenching chorus vocals about settling into a life you don’t want. ‘Evolution’ begins to take on a lighter tone when it reaches ‘Human,’ and this continues throughout the rest of the album.

The over all feeling of evolution is one of fun, revolution and good times. Ghost Town preach to a generation who aren’t afraid of their individuality, a generation split down the middle of going out and staying in watching Netflix. Their signature sound of pulsing synth and hard hitting midi drums are the perfect house party soundtrack whilst the thought provoking (not to mention entertaining) lyrics on top of Kevin Ghost’s vocal style make the album perfect headphone listening on the bus.

It’s a must listen album for anyone who’s into the Fuelled By Ramen family or bands such as Breathe Carolina. Kevin Ghost’s vocal style will be an instant hit with fans of Pierce The Veil, I See Stars and Sleeping With Sirens; he perfects the high pitched nasally style of singing that we’ve become so accustomed to within this genre of music.

Ghost Town’s 2015 drop ‘Evolution’ receives a 4 out of 5 for it’s never-ending energy, its interesting lyrics and its fun, youthful vibes.

‘Evolution’ is out now on Fuelled By Ramen.

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