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Express Rising - Express Rising

Review : Express Rising – “Express Rising”

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Express Rising have a new album out.

Now for those of you not too familiar with Express Rising it’s all very simple. Or is it? Actually it’s clearly not as the 10 year gap between album number one and this one is all a bit of a mystery. Express Rising is basically Chicago DJ Dante Carfagna. What Dante does is to create extremely beautiful, slow electronic music. He uses guitars where necessary to create tracks that are not quite trance and offer rock and indie fans a little insight to this type of music, without simply throwing them in at the deep end.

But its slow. I mean really slow. Painful at times. A 100 year old man, in a warm bath, asleep and on valium would have a faster heartbeat than there are beats per minute in 80% of these tracks. If Dante Caefagna’s life is similar to the pace of these tracks i can certainly start to understand the period of time between albums. Yes, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. People say we should all slow down a little but this album is at crawling pace. If the genre demands it then so be it but just a couple of breaks from the monotony would have sufficed.

It’s difficult to pick out highlights. “Rooms Between Us” and “Left Right Behind” offer something different but in truth its just rest bite from the remainder of the album. I don’t for a second deny Dante’s talent as every song is well produced and put together. He is clearly very talented. However, apart from my examples in the first paragraph, is there still really a demand for this?

Track listing is as follows…

  1. Rooms Between Us
  2. Memorabilia
  3. Leland Sprinkle
  4. Horse Opera
  5. Worry Your Time
  6. Left Right Behind
  7. Daniel Fern
  8. A Treasure Smile
  9. Winter the Heart
  10. Answering Echo So Near
  11. Dark Early

Download: Rooms Between Us

Rating: 1 out of 5

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