Editors - Weight of Your Love is the 2013 release. Containing What Is This Thing Called Love, Sugar and Formaldehyde
Editors - Weight of Your Love

Review : Editors – The Weight Of Your Love

Crikey! This album is strong and powerful (not a statement I thought I would ever use to start a review of an album but more like an advert for a deodorant).

This album is an Espresso. No, no, no it’s a double Espresso. It’s that macho guy on the beach who kicks sand in your face. It’s a chest beater. It’s that scene from the Empire Strikes back where Luke can’t lift the X-Wing using the force but along comes little Yoda and says “look boy this is a piece of piss … let me have a go”.

“The Weight of Your love” is quite literally the chalk to “In This Light and on This Evenings” cheese. It is a triumph of hardened indie that I’ve had on repeat since its first airing.

It’s fair to say that “In This Light and on This Evening” was a hit and miss album. Reactions from music publications were certainly varied. However, this album picks up from where “The Back Room” left off. Gone are the 80’s sounding synthesisers and drum machines from “Papillon” and “You Don’t Know Love” and back are the thundering bass-lines from the debut album.

The fact that the group contains two new members may have resulted in a switch back to the original raw sound. It’s certainly a million miles away from its predecessor.

“Sugar” is a masterpiece. Its haunting vocals and chorus leaves you thinking there couldn’t possibly be anything better on the album. Incredibly, there is.

“Hyena” and “Formaldehyde” are stomping tracks. There is so much strength and energy they leave you quite breathless. This is where the track listing is so important though as the album is cleverly broken up with beautifully written slower songs that allow you to briefly recover. “What is this Thing Called Love” shows the true range of Tom Smiths vocals and “Nothing” cleverly uses an orchestral string section to add to an already beautiful melody.

Hot off the back of the bands Glastonbury performance they now start a European tour (taking in an assortment of festivals on the way) starting with the Village Underground in London this evening (1st July 2013)

Track listing…

  1. The Weight
  2. Sugar
  3. A Ton Of Love
  4. What Is This Thing Called Love
  5. Honesty
  6. Nothing
  7. Formaldehyde
  8. Hyena
  9. Two Hearted Spider
  10. The Phone Book
  11. Bird Of Prey


Download: Sugar, Bird of Prey, Nothing

Rating: 4 out of 5