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Daughn Gibson - Me Moan

Review : Daughn Gibson – “Me Moan”

I really, really wanted to do this review without making a comparison to the Vic Reeves. You remember? On Shooting Stars the contestants have to guess a popular song that is performed in the fashion of a club singer. However, there are times on this album where Daughn Gibson falls under the club singing spell so perfectly you could fool yourself into thinking you were sat in a Grimsby Social Club on a Wednesday night.

For example, check out the track “The Right Signs” from the “Me Moan” album. It could easily pass as Vic Reeves, that deep crooning voice and the inability to recognise a single lyric.

Daughn Gibson has a very, very unique singing voice. Once you acclimatize to the baritone voice you start to discover a selection of very good tracks. There are tales of death, drinking and sex in the woods. All very tastefully done though with the latter being fairly amusing.

There are moments of utter brilliance in the form of “The Pisgee Nest” and “You Don’t Fade”.  There is also the excellent story of sleazy afternoons drinking in a bar on “Kissin On The Blacktop”, which you simply couldn’t imagine being performed by anyone else.

It’s clever. The use of samplers while still keeping that country and western feel to it works well. It’s up to date country and western, its progress and that shouldn’t be ignored. That genre of music is usually one you think can never be altered or meddled with … Gibson’s managed to achieve while still leaving the core intact.

I promise you one thing though … you have never heard anything like this before. Track listing is…

  1. The Sound of Law
  2. Phantom Rider
  3. Mad Ocean
  4. The Pisgee Nest
  5. You Don’t Fade
  6. Franco
  7. Won’t You Climb
  8. The Right Signs
  9. Kissin’ On the Blacktop
  10. All My Days Off
  11. Into the Sea

Download: The Pisgee Nest, You Don’t Fade

Rating: 3 out of 5

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