ANNA is the new album by The Courteeners
The Courteeners third album - ANNA

Review: The Courteeners – ANNA

Apologies for the late review of this Album. I decided to purchase the latest release by The Courteeners on vinyl and let’s just say it wasn’t delivered when it was supposed to have been. Rather than pillage another review I decided to wait. And so…

ANNA is the third release by The Courteeners. A more produced sound takes nothing away from the upbeat tracks, and clever lyrics even had me snorting with laughter at one point. The opening track “Are you in love with a notion” is by far the strongest on the album …

“You told Deborah that he is the one, you’re going to quit Debenhams, Elope and get married in the sun”

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The raw nature of St Jude is there in places but this is a more polished album. It’s not “Pipe and Slippers” music but is the sort of album that wouldn’t seem out of place as background music at a trendy London bar.

It’s a well written album though and “Van Der Graff” has a raw festival feel to it while “Marquee” is stunningly beautiful.

Was the extra money I spent on the vinyl copy worth it? Probably not!

Is this a good album? Yes. Not bad at all


Download: Marquee, Are you in Love with a Notion

Rating: 3.5 out of 5