Cold War Kids album review of Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Dear Miss Lonelyhearts by Cold War Kids

Review : Cold War Kids – “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”

One of my best friends was a really good long distance runner back in the day. He was considerably quicker and stronger than the rest of us, who had started discovering beer and the opposite sex. However, whenever he had to compete he used to just lose the plot. Rather than start off steady he would tear out of the blocks and by 200 meters he was so far ahead it looked ominous for the rest of the field. However, that pace over 800 meters would never last and nine times out of ten he would finish last.

And how does the above even remotely relate to the new Cold War Kids album I hear you cry? Well it’s quite simple. Cold War Kids have created a musical version of my friend.

Allow me to explain. The album starts incredibly. Track 1 is the amazing “Miracle Mile” it then heads into the first corner with the equally impressive “Lost That Easy”. The momentum continues as the album comes out of the bend with “Loner Phaser” but then disaster strikes! The album simply runs out of breath.

You’re forced to endure tedious, plodding tunes. So dull in fact that you actually start wondering if your iPod hasn’t just jumped onto another artists album, one that may belong to your mum or ex-partner. The sort of album you had no idea was there but would always cruelly appear if you had mates around and you’d set up the device to shuffle.

There is a slight rest-bite though as “Jailbirds” briefly offers you a musical Lucazade Sport but then the energy level dips and you’re back into the mundane tunes.

I for one was so disappointed with “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”. With the exception of the first three tracks there is nothing to warrant buying this album in full. Even the most committed fans must be wondering where the incredible melodies from “Mine is Yours” have gone.

Anyway, there was a great ending to running career of my friend. He eventually learnt from his mistakes and started running nice, beautiful, strong races. Musically I only hope that Cold War Kids do the same next time.


Download: Miracle Mile, Lost That Easy, Loner Phaser

Rating: 1 out of 5

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