Blur - Parklive
Blur's - Parklive album. 25 tunes from the Olympic closing ceremony in Hyde Park

Review: Blur – Parklive

So, the incredible spectacle of the 2012 London Olympics drew to its conclusion. There were two “goodbye” parties that night. Both ended up being a fitting way to bid a fond farewell to what had been quite possibly the greatest event to ever happen in Ye Olde London.

Option one was the official closing ceremony. A little expensive, overly planned but still quite amazing. Featuring music icons from the past, and current, generations and all of whom gave a bloody good send off. But there was also an “option two”.

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The Specials, New Order and Blur put on a party to remember in Hyde Park. The latter have now released the cleverly titled album from that evenings proceedings “Parklive” (get it? ed)

I always have slight concern’s with live albums as most tend to disappoint. There are of course the classics. Johnny Cash – “Live at San Quentin“, U2 – “Under A Blood Red Sky“and of course The Who’s “Live at Leeds“. An now add to this rather exclusive list Blur’s “Parklive

The entire album brims with great guitars, good vocals and most importantly atmosphere. “Beetlebum” had me heading for the repeat button within seconds of it finishing and “Out of Time” felt like an old friend popping around for tea. There are other great performances as well. Remember “Young and Lovely”? A classic B-Side from the “Chemical World” release.

The 25 songs are all solid gold. Not a disappointing song on here. If you ever think about purchasing the greatest hits then don’t. Spend the money here and remember how good these four guys were as a live unit.

By the way, i went for “option three”. Sat on the sofa with a beer. So wished i had gone for “option two”.

Download: Beetlebum, Young and Lovely

Rating: 4 out of 5