Rae Sremmurd (Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi) ‘Sr3mm, Swaecation, Jxmtro’

Rae Sremmurd
With the success of previous efforts, we receive a project that illustrates the phrase “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” in Sr3mm
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In the wake of two platinum selling albums, Rae Sremmurd decided to release three more records. They went with an Outkast approach on their latest project, releasing a triple disc set including solo recordings. Sr3mm is the duo’s third studio project on Mike Will Made It’s powerhouse label, Ear Drummers Records. Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi also have their own solo albums released, titled Swaecation and Jxmtro respectfully. Obviously, Mike Will controlled the reins on majority of the production, however some tracks included the likes of TM 88 (“Rock N Roll Hall of Fame”), Metro Boomin (“T’d Up”), and legendary trap pianist, Zaytoven (“Juggling Biddies”).

With the success of previous efforts, we receive a project that illustrates the phrase “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” in Sr3mm.  Trap house styled production, Swae Lee at the helm of most of the melodies, and Slim Jxmmi lacing the tracks with a ruggid rap style. With leading singles in “Powerglide” & “Perplexing Pegasus”, this unification is considered unstoppable at this point.

Their lead single “Powerglide” is nearly at 75 million views on Youtube since being posted in March of this year. This track is sampled from Three-6 Mafia’s 2006 song “Side 2 Side” from the critically acclaimed Most Known Unknown album. We even get a guest verse from one of Three-6’s founding members, Juicy J. In this current state of rap, fans have been concerned with younger talent acknowledging the history of this genre. Rae Sremmurd did their part in paying homage on an old track from the founding fathers of the Memphis rap scene.

With dark chords and the ghostly melodic chorus from The Weeknd, “Bedtime Stories” shows some versatility from the group. This caught some by surprise since majority of the Black Beatle’s featured artists are typically rappers. It stands out merely because the duo treaded through waters in The Weeknd’s realm of his sometimes dark and eerie R&B sound.

As their 3rd effort, Rae Sremmurd didn’t disappoint and brought their distinctive sound per usual. Even with features from Future, Travis Scott, Juicy J, and The Weeknd, the rest of the album carries it’s weight.

When there’s a duo with distinguished differences in their sound, there are opportunities when the artists showcase their style alone. We see this on albums when one of the members rocks a song without their partner(s). You can generally find out who the star of the group is when this happens. Swae Lee worked with French Montana on “Unforgettable”, which went platinum worldwide. Already having intentions of making a solo album, the unforgettable track boosted Swae Lee higher on our radar. With that, Swaecation would allow him to showcase his musical talent.

Swae Lee shows the softer side to Rae Sremmurd in Swaecation. Even in the album artwork, he’s holding flowers and stuffed bears. Lee carries his tune in the absence of Mike Will Made It. The ability he shows without his counterpart and the producer, Swae Lee may have some real potential in a solo career.

Guatemala” is the latest single from Swaecation, released on April 13th, 2018. This song picks up where “Unforgettable” left off with it’s island tempo for the dancehall. It’s a bold move to say the least, although it may not live up to the hype of the original song, it’s a great opportunity to listen to Swae Lee’s version of that soca sound. Again, it’s versatility and Swae Lee proves it.

Not a strong vocal performance, however “Red Wine” gets the point across for romance. Remember when Rihanna had Future attempting to hit notes on “Love Song”? It’s like that, the perfect sing a long track to express your feelings for your significant other. Have this playing while you serenade your lady at the end of long day. The track is coproduced by Neenyo, Canadian based producer and songwriter who’ve worked with the likes of Drake and PartyNextDoor.

It’s nice to see Swae Lee venture out and let his sound be known as a solo artist. Looking forward to what’s next to come for him, the pop charts should be welcoming after this performance.

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The progression in Slim Jxmmi’s rapping has noticeably improved. In Jxmtro, he solidifies himself as a rapper, with delivery and the swag necessary to MC. Mike Will had a lot of his production involved on this album, which isn’t much of a surprise. However, Zaytoven produced one of the tracks which showed a little variety.

In “Juggling Biddies”, Jxmmi rides on the track like how a southern rapper is meant to be on a Zaytoven track. There’s the organ looped with a bassline and a hi hat constantly tapping as Jxm lets the listener know of his player ways. This track features Riff 3x, a trap house rapper making his way through the underground. The best part about this song is Jxmmi getting outside the expectations and delivering a track with his own sound.

On April 5th, Jxmmi dropped his 2nd single featuring Swae Lee and Pharrell. “Chanel”, is a catchy tune about taking your girl shopping. Definitely sounds like a Rae Sremmurd track but lead by Jxm. Almost would have been better off with “Anti-Social Smoker’s Club” as a single if we need a better description of who Slim Jxmmi as a solo artist. It features an often-impressive Zoe Kravitz explaining why “No these nxxxxs cannot smoke with us, it’s over with”.

Overall, dropping a three-disc project is quite ambitious of the duo at this point in their career. They’ve released 5 albums in a 3-year span. Only concern is in their solo efforts. Have they developed enough as artists to consider going solo? or Is this another way to sell more records? Check out their albums and be the judge.

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The albums full track listing is as follows…

Slim Jxmmi’s Jxmtro (Tracklist)

1. “Brxnks Trunk”
2. “Players Club”
3. “Anti-Social Smokers Club” Featuring Zoe Kravitz
4. “Chanel” Featuring Swae Lee and Pharrell
5. “Cap” Featuring Trouble
6. “Changed Up”
7. “Keep God First”
8. “Juggling Biddies” Featuring Riff 3X
9. “Growed Up”

Rae Sremmurd’s SR3MM (Tracklist)

1. “Up In My Cocina”
2. “Close” Featuring Travis Scott
3. “Bedtime Stories” Featuring The Weeknd
4. “Perplexing Pegasus”
5. “Buckets (Balling)” Featuring Future
6. “42”
7. “Powerglide” Featuring Juicy J
8. “Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame”
9. “T’D Up”

Swae Lee’s Swaecation (Tracklist)

1. “Touchscreen Navigation”
2. “Heartbreak In Encino Hills”
3. “Heat Of The Moment”
4. “Offshore” Featuring Young Thug
5. “Guatemala”
6. “Lost Angels”
7. “Hurt To Look”
8. “Red Wine”
9. “What’s In Your Heart?”