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In 7 tracks on a project barely reaching 20 minutes, Pusha T makes the fans want more
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An undisputed king of cocaine bars returns with his latest album “Daytona”. Pusha T tweeted that this album is for his drug rap fans. Originally named “King Push”, Pusha did a last-minute name change. Daytona seems a bit more creative than naming an album after yourself as a seasoned veteran to Hip Hop. Thanks to Kanye twitter rants, fans were informed of this project earlier in the month. As a lead off for Yeezy Season, a long overdue project since 2015’s King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude will detonate to explosion for a G.O.O.D summer.

In the drug game, it’s a good sign when your clientele fiend for more product. In 7 tracks on a project barely reaching 20 minutes, Pusha T makes the fans want more. Kanye produced this entire project and it’s no question if he’s “still got it” through his experimentation from past albums. He can still produce a Hip Hop heavy track like the old Kanye. No singles, just facts, verses, and pure Pusha T on this record.

With Meek Mill’s legal troubles yet receiving infinite support, “What Would Meek Do?” was properly named. Meek Mill received 2 years in prison and 8 years’ probation from an illegal carry charge in 2009. In most cases, this crime would result in a fine and house arrest (it’s a misdemeanor). Through adversity and landing in prison over riding on a dirt bike with no helmet most recently, you would like to know “What Would Meek Do?” when the road goes uneven. The track highlights that, an inspiring idea on continuing your journey through harsh conditions in a cold world. After leaking some footage of a listening party, we knew there was a Kanye verse on here. Luckily, there wasn’t anything involving scooping poop. Yeezy gives a taste of his issues and what he’s going to do about them.

“No More hiding the scars, I show ‘em like Seal, right?” – Kanye West

“I’m top 5 and all of them Dylan” – Pusha T


A vintage representation of Pusha T’s style is showcased on “Come Back Baby”. Remember Jay Z’s American Gangster? The unofficial movie soundtrack for the film based around the story of Frank Lucas. These are the sort of vibes this track carries. Almost an updated form of the record. Push takes us step by step of his accomplishments through drug dealing to selling records. As a way of dividing both sides to his hustle in both music and street culture. Strong bassline with an appropriate sample from The Mighty Hannibal’s song The truth shall make you free”.

“You can’t have the yin without the yang, my friend”

What we have here is an introduction to a list of anticipated projects under Kanye’s sleeves. Although it’s not a deep project, it’s appreciated and met expectations. A project strictly for fans with the lead single being the controversy behind the album cover.

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The full track list for ‘Daytona’ is as follows…

1. If You Know You Know
2. The Games We Play
3. Hard Piano f. Rick Ross
4. Come Back Baby
5. Santeria
6. What Would Meek Do? f. Kanye West
7. Infrared