Oberhofer 'Chronovision' - ALBUM REVIEW
Oberhofer 'Chronovision' - ALBUM REVIEW

Oberhofer ‘Chronovision’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Oberhofer article was written by Sabah Choudry, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse

The indie daydream band Oberhofer have released their second full-length, twelve track album after 2012‘s ‘Time Capsule II.’ The band have a unique sound which emerged in the first album and has been fully instated in this new record. They have an infectious quality which makes your body move along with every beat making them a perfect hybrid of indie-rock and dance in the most nuanced of ways.

Not to fixate too heavily on the first album but ‘Time Capsule II’ seems to be echoed in this album, particularly the track which takes the name of the album, ‘Chronovision.’ It almost feels like a bridge between the two albums, a bridge which increases in a dramatic and darker enclave. ‘Chronovision’ never steers far from their first LP, which is refreshing to see, as Oberhofer are invigorated by the sound they established initially and not by a need to make a drastic change of sound.

The overall feel of the album is rather upbeat with the music uplifting the lyrics on occasional intervals, prominent in the tracks ‘Memory Remains,’ ‘Together Never’  and, with a slightly heavier riff, ‘Someone Take Me Home.’

Stand out track ‘Sea of Dreams’ acts as an anomaly to a rather strongly connected album, but it is welcomed as a break from the rest of the songs. It is uplifting lyrically and the music is rather an aid to the words sung; it’s almost a reversal in terms of the way in which the rest of the album is constructed.

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Another strong component of ‘Chronovision’ comes in the form of ‘Ballroom Floor,’ where Brad Oberhofer transports the listener to what it states on the tin: the ballroom floor. Its soft yet melodic tunes are perfect to sway to with or without a partner. Similarly, the single, ‘Sun Halo’ bears a familiar kind of resemblance to this track. The chorus of which is almost anthemic and within just a couple of replays the listener is able to joyously sing along in anticipation of the unique ending of the sound of breaking glass featured in the track.

Overall, this new album really hands us the temporal quality of ‘Chronovision,’ both lyrically and instrumentally. The crown goes to ‘White Horse, Black River,’ for fully being able to encapsulate the gist of the entire album in an almost omniscient sense and teemed with ‘Chronovision’ you know exactly what to expect from this musically sound album.

Oberhofer strike a happier version of The Smiths, with lyrics that sentimentally tap into the listeners feelings but with an uplifting music to make it all approachable. Definitely a good album to progress from ‘Time Capsule II.’

‘Chronovision’ is out on the 9th October via Glassnote Entertainment Group.

Oberhofer 'Chronovision' - ALBUM REVIEW