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Don’t come here to solve your issues. Turn up the volume, laugh at them in the face and give them a mighty sling of two fingers

This new offering, Sitcoms For Aliens, from Florida based three-piece Noiseheads, not so much ushers as shoves us into the New Year.

Opening with their own Prelude, Noisehead sound like they are trying to find the right signal or the right channel before beginning.

Suddenly, that signal is found and the hard-rock guitars that punctuate the entire album are given their first outing. Wait. has a brilliantly crisp edge to its sound, complete with catchy “eyy, eyy-ohh’s that are scattered in amongst a shimmering, metal classic rock solo.

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The boys from The Sunshine State list their influences as being pretty much anything. Here, we pick up Pearl Jam, Rage Against Machine and Nirvana throughout the album.

In Homecoming, Noiseheads display a smooth shift through the gears. This drive, however, lacks anything that will stick in the mind…say: a doughnut or any sign of a tyre screech.

Ballad Of Me Myself and I is the most flowing of the tracks on offer, but it is perhaps another track let down by the lack of anything that makes you want to get swept up in the music, and scream “HELL YEAH!”

Moving on through the tacks, Who? is our pick of the bunch. Neat pauses in the otherwise quick rhythm allow for the guitar to take centre stage before a tasty guitar solo that ripples nicely through the mid-section.

Friend has a melancholic edge that allows for a rare feeling of emotive engagement with this album. This edge successfully moves away from being a completely gloomy manifestation, via a hint of strings that bring a more chilled feel – putting you at ease.

Whilst there are moments that this album makes you bob your head along in appreciation to the heavy guitar riffs and brash drums.

The album title itself suggests it is not one to be taken seriously. That is how this album should be met.

Don’t come here to solve your issues. Turn up the volume, laugh at them in the face and give them a mighty sling of two fingers.

If you’re in need of an album to see you through the greyest moments of a grey month, give this sitcom a spin.

‘Sitcoms For Aliens’ is out now on Silly Monkey Music


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