Noah Young Challenges Compositional Barriers with New Album, Splinter

New Orleans is known for its experimental jazz and blues music, and Noah Young is known for his fusion of everything New Orleans has to offer.  Presenting his new album, Splinter, Young showcases his dynamic musicality – the reason he is one of the most sought after bassists in New Orleans.  The highly anticipated fusion album was introduced by the singles “Testify” (featuring bass legend, Chris Severin) and “Six Million Ways To Die”, which was featured on the Spotify curated playlist State of Jazz.  Best known as a founding member of jazz/funk band Naughty Professor, Young has stayed busy in his 8+ years of activity in the New Orleans music scene composing, recording, and performing with numerous artists, including: David Shaw, George Porter Jr., Chali 2na, Big Freedia, Marcus King, Ivan Neville, Eric Bloom, Mike Dillon, Sasha Masakowski, Nigel Hall, Russell Batiste, Dee-1, The Stooges Brass Band, Leroy Jones, and many more.  

Focusing on funk, grooves, and eclectic improvisations throughout the album, the rhythmic elements of the tracks often take control as the highlight that keeps listening ears engaged. With no shortage of talented musicians, Young has compiled a diverse cast to represent the fusion of styles on his album. “I’ve learned that the music you play is not as important as the people you play it with. It’s really about everyone in the band coming together to elevate the music to the highest level” says Young.  “Everyone who plays on my record are not only amazing musicians, but are also humble, easy going, and fun to be around. This creates the ideal environment for creativity.”

Similarly, Young admits that the inspiration for this album came from playing and performing with a diverse range of musicians, genres, and styles. “As a freelance bassist in New Orleans, I’m constantly playing lots of different styles of music with lots of different people. Many of my best compositions have been born in a live setting” Young explains. There is no question that with the release of his sophomore album, Young is pushing his creative and compositional limits to fully explore the range of music that can come from fusing genres. Briefly put, Splinter is a phenomenally crafted album that should be on the “must listen” list for any serious musician.