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You should give 'Offerings' its time in the sun. You should give it your full attention, and take it as an experience. It won’t be perfect for every moment, but it will be for the right moment
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To come to the end of your life and have your memories slowly slip away—it is as painful as it is frustrating. You’re trying your hardest to make sense of it all, to find that one thing that will make it all worth it.

This is the thesis for Typhoon’s lyrically powerful and emotionally driven 4th album, ‘Offerings.’ It is a concept album that is a clear example of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Which can also be said for the 11-member strong Portland ensemble that is Typhoon. They work cohesively to provide deep moments of introspection and sudden bursts of inspiration.

But every ship needs a captain. That comes in the form of Kyle Morton, who takes the helm as the lyricist and frontman. He proceeds to set up the entire story with a single, chilling line…

“Listen, of all the things that you’re about to lose, this will be the most painful.”

From that point, beginning to end, you’re with him on the turbulent ride of memory loss, grief, frustration, and acceptance – presented in 4 Movements (Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, Afterparty). These Movements run parallel to the declining mental state of the protagonist.

You would be doing Offerings a disservice if you didn’t take it in its totality. It will take multiple listens and a close reading of the lyrics to find its full value in storytelling, but for those bold enough to do so, it will be well worth it.

Their biggest single offering comes with the 8-minute epic, Empiricist. It is a perfect illustration of the thought behind the theme, down to the title itself. Empiricist is defined as “a person who supports the theory that all knowledge is based on experience derived from the senses.” It is a thrill ride, a bold tale backed by haunting violins leading to an explosive crescendo. It’s an excellent example of their leap from near silence to dynamic outbursts, which are cleverly sprawled throughout the album.

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And lyrically, this song doesn’t let up. Near the end, you reach this jewel of a stanza,

“The spirit held a magic flask / Said, drink it to forget the past / But careful it’s a poison batch / Each drop more painful than the last / If you fail you’ll wish for death / If you finish: you’ll be free at last.”

But is there one song that can stand alone? That can break Typhoon into the mainstream ear? ‘Remember’ would probably be that song. It is an up-tempo production that you can easily put on repeat. The problem here is that if you were to hear the song on the radio, you would be shocked at what a full listen to the album would give you.

With that being said, you should give ‘Offerings’ its time in the sun. You should give it your full attention, and take it as an experience. It won’t be perfect for every moment, but it will be for the right moment.

‘Offerings’ is out now via Roll Call Records. The albums full track listing is…

1. Wake
2. Rorschach
3. Empiricist
4. Algernon
5. Unusual
6. Beachtowel
7. Remember
8. Mansion
9. Coverings
10. Chiaroscuro
11. Darker
12. Bergeron
13. Ariadne
14. Sleep


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