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The Neighbourhood ‘Wiped Out!’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Neighbourhood article was written by Siobhan Scarlett, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Gavin Wells. Header image by Angelo Kritikos

The Neighbourhood has had a lot to live up to since their debut ‘I Love You’ in 2013, having had an amazing reception for second single ‘Sweater Weather’.

‘Wiped Out!’ is packed with slow building melodies, through The Beach’ and lead single ‘R.I.P. 2 My Youth’. These tracks give a drifting feel of leaving teenage life behind and the emotions that it entails. Meanwhile, the sincere and simple ‘Prey’ and the sombre but romantic ‘Cry Baby’ balance out the atmosphere.

The album has a similar concept to their first, following in its themes of hopeless and youthful love, but they have been more experimental on this release. It’s a very accessible album, with cool bass lines and catchy hooks in tracks such as ‘Ferrari’ or the lovesick tune ‘Single’.

‘Daddy Issues is an interesting track, as lyrically it covers different emotions. The lyrics are personal and raw, it’s as if lead singer Jesse Rutherford is telling only the listener his deepest secret. He sings of a girl who has father issues and how he loves that about her; not because of how it makes her, but because he has them too. ‘1 of Those Weeks’ also touches on feelings of his father who has passed away.

The Neighbourhood is good for keeping tracks chilled and simple, but they also merge genres very well. Within this album you can hear pop, rock and soft hip-hop. The production is what makes this album what it is. The whole album has a dirty but slick sound, which gives the illusion of listening to an old vinyl record.

‘Wiped Out!’ is a well-produced album with a strong performance as usual by charismatic lead singer Jesse Rutherford. A great album to chill out with and contemplate lost love and youth.

‘Wiped Out!’ is out now via Columbia Records.

The Neighbourhood 'Wiped Out!'