In the 60s there was Lennon and McCarthy, in the 70s there was Simon and Garfunkel, in the 80s it was Eldritch and Hussey. The dramatic fallout of the two main protagonists of the burgeoning gothic rock scene was about as surprising as the split up of the dim but attractive Princess Diana from the grumpy balding toby jug adulterer that was, and sadly still is, Prince Charles. Wayne Hussey went on to form The Mission with fellow Sisters of Mercy cohort Craig Adams and become the 90s rent-a-goth successfully playing stadiums whilst Andrew Eldritch re-invented The Sisters several times, gained some critical acclaim and zero friends.

Fast forward 30 years and we have this delicious slice of timeless history which could easily have been written in ‘86. With the benefit of hindsight The Mission have managed to create an album which sounds like it is influenced by all the Goth pretenders that followed whilst still being true to the original Sister of Mercy / Mission stylings. It is a ballsy decision to try to return to your heyday when you’re close to 60 but Hussey, Adams et al seem to have successfully done it. Wayne Hussey’s voice sounds better than ever and the production quality is modern whilst the instrumentation genuinely retro having reverted to the 12 string electric guitar, the best of both worlds.

There will be criticism for the chord progressions and the instrumentation being too similar, too close to the 80s Sisters/Mission blueprint, but in art it is not always about moving forward, sometimes a retrospective and compassionate look at a long gone genre is welcome especially when a major player is doing so. The song writing is solid ‘Tyranny of Secrets’ being particularly good, the playing is spot on and the production is top notch, it’s hard to pick any holes in this album.

Immeasurably preferable to a ‘Best of Gothic Rock from the 80s’, ‘Another Fall from Grace’ is the sound of a band celebrating its heritage, looking at its origins and doing what so many of us wish bands would, returning to what made them great. They are old fashioned, out of step with the world and decidedly unfashionable, exactly like they were 30 years ago just older, that’s authenticity. Meanwhile in Eldritch Manor the quiet sound of sobbing can be heard, it turns out Sister Hussey was a true Sister.

‘Another Fall From Grace’ is out 30th Sept via Eyes Wide Shut

This Mission article was written by Richard Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor

The Mission 'Another Fall From Grace'

The Mission ‘Another Fall From Grace’

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