Matt Rock ‘Get Blank!’ - ALBUM REVIEW
Matt Rock ‘Get Blank!’ - ALBUM REVIEW

Matt Rock ‘Get Blank!’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Matt Rock article was written by Izzy Webster, a GIGsoup contributor

London based Matt Rock spent 3 years contemplating and creating his first album – and it was definitely time well spent. Catchy upbeat electronic, indie tracks are juxtaposed with brutally honest and thought provoking lyrics tackling depression, addiction, and the societal need to conform. This album is a multilayered treat; on the surface cheery sounding and slightly reminiscent of the early Vaccines and The Wombats – music everyone gets up to dance to – but listen closer to the lyrics and the album takes on a whole new, poignant dimension.

The track ‘Gimme a sign’ kicks the album off with a bouncy beat and catchy melodies, lyrics asking the question everyone has had at one time or another – what the hell am I supposed to do with my life? The much used phrase ‘oh lord gimme a sign’ highlights our need for verification in an uncertain world. This is an addictive track that will be listened to on repeat by many.

‘I need a victory’ follows on from this, and takes things in a more melodic, peaceful direction. The track touches on themes of depression and addiction with lyrics such as ‘I need a drug to take away the sting of life’. Although not a song that hooks you right away, this track is held up by Matt’s unique voice and thought provoking words.

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Opening on a repetitive and addicting beat, ‘Just like me’ is the third track and by far one of the best. Taking a slightly humorous look at the need to conform in society, lyrics such as young lovers … inventing truths to build personality,’ and ‘so many people in the world need to be, directed by a large authority’ are followed with the statement ‘they’re just like me’ pointing out that most of us have felt insecure at some point in our lives and have found comfort in conformity. Matt’s beautiful voice again takes the track to another level along with the memorable riff.

‘Nowhere else to go’ is another memorable track, the albums upbeat soundtrack contrasting with lyrics focused again around depression. Short but bittersweet, ‘Everybody is acting’ is a quite comical piece on social conformity and highlights the tendency of people to perform a certain way when their reality is so much different.

Coming towards the end of the album, ‘Paralysed and redesigned’ and ‘My future’ have some thoughtful lyrics but are a little pale compared to the rest of the tracks.  The penultimate track ‘Life’s insane’ brings the album back around with a more upbeat sound and lyrics that we all can relate to. The last track is something of an anticlimax at first listen, but does have some deep and meaningful lyrics.

All in all this is a brave, beautiful, and  truthful album, that is just as good to dance around to as it is to listen to.

‘Get Blank!’ is out on October 16th via Matt Rock/Loon Music

Matt Rock ‘Get Blank!’ - ALBUM REVIEW