Mandragora 'Salamandra'

Mandragora ‘Salamandra’

‘Salamandra’ is a cosmic journey that immerses the traveler deep in the unfathomable vibratory realms of sonic geometry
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Follow Mandragora down the galactic rabbit hole into the magnificent, innovative psychedelic Wonderland that is ‘Salamandra.’ This album is an auditory collective of sensational, panoramic soundscapes and dynamic psychedelic masterpieces. It’s an aural exploration of sonically diverse atmospheres, as one traverses into the depths of cutting edge production and lush evolving melodies with inescapable, memorable hooks and interstellar glitch.

‘Salamandra’ is a cosmic journey that immerses the traveler deep in the unfathomable vibratory realms of sonic geometry, an experimental adventure of analog synth melodies, tweaked tonalities, and cross-frequency modulation. In this stimulating, rhythmic dimension, Mandragora elevates psy trance to new heights through his amalgamation of mind-bending, genre-blurring sound design overflowing with charismatic funk, grooving melodies, and infectious drive.

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A sonic alchemist who has dubbed himself as “the creator of future prog,” one could say that Mandragora is the Mouse on Mars of psy trance. His distinctively crafted style is typified by harmonic intricacies and spectacular creative liberation through the superlative technology of sound.

Each track guides the listener through a unique sound field, never knowing what the next territory will be, as the eclectic fusion of frequencies unify a range of electronic dance music with sounds spanning across the globe. Prominent examples of this can be found on the tracks ‘Grand Tokyo Buffet’ and ‘Salamandra,’ which fuse exotic, oriental melodies with glitchy, manipulated female vocals.

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In harder-edged, funky, and powerfully evocative tracks like ‘Dinosaur Killer’ and ‘Space, Time & Travel Machine,’ Mandragora transitions from minimal beats to exquisite multi-dimensions of intertwined harmonies. It submerges the listener’s ears in a cascade of modulated sound frequencies with pristine catchiness.

‘Salamandra’ arouses the insatiable synaptic desire to continually listen to the irresistible, highly addictive, and quirky musical innovations that comprise the album. The tracks offer a tantalizing glimpse of what happens when dreams and reality collide through meticulously layered melodic textures, granular glitch edits, and morphing bass sequences that pulsate with the heartbeat of psy trance.

‘Salamandra’ is out now via Alien Records.

Mandragora 'Salamandra'