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“Lovely Little Lonely” is a creative, dynamic rock album, with a refined sound.

After ten years of making music The Maine continue to age like wine, introducing the concept album “Lovely, Little, Lonely”. Their 6th album brings more of what fans have come to expect but with new spice and flavours to keep their style fresh.

The album’s first track “Don’t Come Down” starts with a call-back guitar intro, with vocals and drums gradually added until the song kicks off. This slow build up to a crescendo works perfectly for an introduction. A light-hearted pop-rock song about having a good time and living in the now. “Bad Behaviour” is the flagship love song of the record, with a strong catchy melody and mass appeal It is clear why.

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The song “Lovely” is an instrumental which marks the end of the album’s introduction and marks the start of the first act, as the album’s title suggests, it has a three-act structure. It’s also a appetiser to the albums darker side with “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu”. Its high tempo and intense tone create a feeling of desperation and urgency. The lyrics “Just another lovesick afternoon, black butterflies and déjà vu, hoping for the right words” further help connote this emotion. “Taxi” is one of the highlights of the album and best songs ever written by the band. The song tells the story of a drunken conversation between two lovers “In the backseat of the taxi”. A truly downhearted but also optimistic song that mixes the two to create something truly unique. A song about the struggles of life overcome by the help and companionship of another. “Do You remember? (The Other Half Of 23)” is the most aggressive rock song on the record and plays in great contrast to the previous songs thus far. With a heavy intro and chorus, it sets itself apart.

“Little” kicks off the second act and is somewhat a poetry reading and slowly fades into the song “The Song of Reverie”. A dynamic, nostalgic tune about looking into the past but also seizing and enjoying the moment. “Lost in Nostalgia” is a short song focusing on the drums and bass, it reflects on the previous tracks like “Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)” and “The Sound of Reverie” warning to not “get lost in nostalgia”. “I Only Wanna Talk to You” has a sad, depressing melody with a distorted feedback adding an uneasiness to the track.

“Lonely” marks the beginning of the albums end and last act. It being a very gentle, soft, minimalistic song with a message of negatives turning into positives. It ends with the sound of waves and introduces the albums last song “How Do You Feel?”. A touching rock song and solid close.

“The Maine” have maintained their high standard of contemporary rock music in an age where it’s a dying breed, and have not disappointed.

“Lovely Little Lonely” is out now via 8123.https://www.gigsoupmusic.com

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