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A huge message about mental health combined with her iconic vocals and vibe, these 13 tracks showcase her abilities as an independent singer-songwriter. No longer recognised as simply ‘that girl from XFactor’, she is a star in her own right

Six years after the release of her first album, Lucy Spraggan is set to drop sophomore LP ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ on January 27.  With plenty of humour, relatable lyrics and real life issues that hit home on more than one occasion, her newest album is the perfect combination between sing-a-long, folky vibes and emotive vocals expressed in classic Spraggan style.

Spraggan is a true story teller, bringing brilliant songs to a level most can’t reach through her ability to create music that is real and honest.

Soft guitars creates the perfect setting for the first track – ‘Fight For It’. Her vocals instantly spark a connection with powerful and inspirational lyrics. A simple drum beat, layered with more guitar cleverly builds a catchy rhythm without drawing any attention or focus away from her honest vocals (a common theme throughout the entire album). Instantly listenable, ‘Fight For It’ creates a positive feel, reflecting her own positivity and lends strength through her lyrics.

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‘Loaded Gun’ truly kicks off the album, with the sound of a gun being cocked and a driving beat. Energetic harmonised vocals soar through the chorus. A loaded gun is typically synonymous with negativity and harm, yet she puts a humorous, positive spin on it: ‘We are loaded guns, and if you wanna go bang, we can.’

Bringing us back down to earth, ‘Grown Up’ shares the experience of growing up without realising. Gentle, melancholic piano gives the illusion that it is a sad song, but not for long. Spraggan’s infectious positivity soon transforms it into a story of self-realisation and positivity. Her trade-mark sense of humour is, of course, ever present – ‘I think about getting fit, like investing in my health. And then I think of something else, like eating a pizza by myself.’

‘I Don’t Live There Anymore’ has a slower pace, soothing guitar and more delicate harmonies, telling a story of personal development and attitude change. Whether applied to the artist or anyone, this grounded and melodious song has an undeniable transformation from start to finish. From ‘I don’t live there anymore’ to ‘I don’t need you anymore’ it’s about moving on for the better and is, again, easy for anyone who listens to relate to or be inspired by.

Quite possibly one of, if not the, most poignant song on the album, ‘Dear You’ is guaranteed to give you goose-bumps. Spraggans raw, genuine vocals are the focal point. Piano creates a simple backing track, flowing with the chorus and fuelling the emotive lyrics. A heart-breaking story about two friends struggling in life, one of which reaches out to the other. A powerful message about the importance of talking about mental health and reaching out to the people around you, ‘Dear You’ is a stunning creation and part of a turning point in the battle against mental health stigma.

Spraggan cleverly lifts us up in the spoken-word track ‘Freddo’s Aren’t 10p’, already an internet sensation -amassing more than 1.5 million views. Reminiscing on quirky aspects of childhood for every 90’s kid together in under 2 minutes, yet underneath lies another key message – ‘You’ve got far less time to be a kid’.

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Electric guitar brings ‘Hey William’ onto a pop level, with catchy riffs and full vocals. Focusing on Spraggans iconic vocals and her spontaneously written lyrics. A narrative of a friends breakup, track seven will resonate with many.

‘All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)’ and ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ are two more seriously powerful songs with equally strong messages. The former explores the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, from a heart wrenching first person perspective. The latter exposes the harsh truth of animal abuse, from the victims perspective. Both tracks are heavily laden with Spraggan’s beautifully crafted emotive lyrics and her voice has the capability to build the story until it feels as though you’re living it. What makes these songs so stunningly brilliant, is that for many people, these situations and life events are real.

Each track tells its own story, with the album creating a true journey. Emotional, raw and straight-up real-talk, Lucy Spraggan will inspire and support innumerable people with this release. A huge message about mental health combined with her iconic vocals and vibe, these 13 tracks showcase her abilities as an independent singer-songwriter. No longer recognised as simply ‘that girl from XFactor’, she is a star in her own right.

Lucy Spraggan’s ‘Dear You’ Tour begins in March 2017. Tickets available here.

‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ will be released January 27 2017 via CTRL Records.


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