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The Lovely Eggs pride themselves on their weirdness, they love to smother the listener with it, without caring about how obnoxious it may or may not come across

Time to break a few eggs. ‘This Is Eggland’ is the fifth full length release by husband/wife duo Holly Ross and David Blackwell, a.k.a. The Lovely Eggs. Otherwise known for their cross-breed of pure indie punk rebellion and novelty-esque psychedelia, the Eggs have been hinting at making a few changes to their style recently. So, the question must be asked, is ‘Eggland’ their creative breakthrough?

The Lovely Eggs pride themselves on their weirdness, they love to smother the listener with it, without caring about how obnoxious it may or may not come across. When compared with the extremes of the duo’s kookiness, ‘This is Eggland’ actually takes a few steps back. This might be the most humble release from the Eggs thus far, as the duo would rather pay tribute to a few classic and contemporary influences, with Poly Styrene clearly being spotlighted by Holly Ross’s vocals, and a lot of the psychedelic textures, distorted or otherwise, are quite similar to those of modern acts like Guerilla Toss.

‘Eggland’ is also a hell of a lot heavier than what we’ve come to except from the Eggs, ‘Return of Witchcraft’ is mind-melting guitar fuzz and nothing else, and ‘Let Me Observe’ blissfully allows the overdrive to take over throughout.

The songs that have near-sentimental undertones might trump everything else; ‘I’m With You’ is quite loving and melodic, Ross’s vocals elegantly dance with the track’s otherwise brutal guitar/rhythm. ‘Big Sea’ is made up of ‘90s-style, twinkling synth leads, joining the foreground, alongside a beautifully melodious descending vocal from Ross. It’s the duo’s harmonious coup de grace, and the greatest example of an artist sharing a beautiful new side of themselves with the listener. The Lovely Eggs can piece together an authentically emotional pop rocker when they really want to, hell, even ‘Wiggy Giggy’ hosts a really pretty chord progression, so good you’ll end up enjoying a song with the name ‘Wiggy Giggy’, and they thought it was impossible…

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You’ll flip flop on whether or not you think there’s any authenticity to the psychedelic side of the Eggs, not that there absolutely needs to be, they’re creators, and their creations are adequate at the very least. But there are more than a few tracks that seem a little too contrived either lyrically or vocally. ‘Hello I Am Your Sun’ repeats a mind-numbingly-infuriating vocal, and the high-pitched stereo-breaking main vocal of ‘Witchcraft’ is enough to give anyone a headache, and the lyrics of wanting to free yourself of somebody’s “witchcraft” are too goofy for their own good. Then there are the sweary tracks ‘Dickhead’ and ‘Would You Fuck’, both of which toy with being edgy, but they’re about as edgy as toys.

Despite including songs with titles like ‘Dickhead’ and ‘Wiggy Giggy’, the Lovely Eggs have matured, and they’ve matured for the better. That being said, ‘This Is Eggland’ is more a creative learning curve, than a creative breakthrough.

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‘This Is Eggland’ is out now via Egg Records. The albums full track listing is …

1. Hello I Am Your Sun
2. Wiggy Giggy
3. Dickhead
4. I Shouldn’t Have Said That
5. Return Of Witchcraft
6. I’m With You
7. Repeat It
8. Witchcraft
9. Big Sea
10. Let Me Observe
11. Would You Fuck


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