Franz Ferdinand - Brixton Electric - 20th August 2013
Franz Ferdinand - Brixton Electric - 20th August 2013

Live : Franz Ferdinand – Brixton Electric, London (20th August 2013)

And so, to the first of two cleverly put together “small venue” gigs to promote the new Franz Ferdinand album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” (release date the 26th August 2013 on Domino Records). The London and Glasgow QMU shows are not only away of getting the album into the public domain but also a way for the group to re-bond with their fans after the lacklustre 2009 album release, “Tonight”.

It was an evening of old and new tunes played at a beautiful high tempo and a group quite clearly having bloody good fun. I have to give a special mention to Nicholas McCarthy who seemed to take over the mantle of lead for the evening. He was everywhere and his vocals on the excellent new track “Stand On The Horizon” where a very pleasant surprise. His energy level seemed to spread to the rest of the group and we even witnessed Alex Kapranos jumping into the crowd (guitar and all). It was lively stuff.

Sure, we dipped in and out of the Franz Ferdinand back catalogue, as you’d expect, but what the group seem to have done is go away and write news tracks to rival almost all that they’ve released before. The quality of “Evil Eye” and the reception it received from the packed crowd was testament to this. It is brilliant indie/pop and will no doubt be a future single.

In fact, it actually got to a point where all i craved was more new material rather than the older releases. “Right Action” was used as the opening track of the evening, a way of introducing this new Franz Ferdinand era. The reception to this was thunderous. This and the other new tracks certainly bode well for the “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” album. It was then back into the back catalogue and two quite incredible renditions of old favourites. “No You Girls” was given a make-under and we were presented with a more subdued rendition, while “Ulysses” was the undoubted highlight of the evening (both tracks ironically from the “Tonight” album).

26th August can’t come quick enough now and i wasn’t expecting to say that before this gig.

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