Linkin Park ‘One More Light’

The bands personality seems to be totally obscured in this album, and it is hard to believe that they were once the pioneers of nu-metal
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With their seventh album, Linkin Park come up with a totally different genre, abandoning their nu-metal/rap roots, in favour of electro-pop. ‘One More Light‘ is a collection of tracks that unfortunately leaves one dry and with a sense of dismay.

Linkin Park are not new to music experiments, it is sufficient in fact to think about ‘A Thousand Suns’ (2010) or ‘The Hunting Party’ (2014) to see how continuous reinvention and music experiments have been successful for the band in the past, while still allowing them to maintain their unique identity.

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The Californian band however, with this seventh album, ‘One More Light’, may have taken a mis-step moving towards electro-pop. Indeed, their personality seems to be totally obscured in this album, and it is hard to believe that they were once the pioneers of nu-metal.

‘One More Light’ is a commercial album, which lacks passion and depth, making even the most die-hard fans think: “where did all this go?”. It’s hard to critique a band like Linkin Park, but if we need to be objective, Chester Bennington’s voice doesn’t carry the same passion and flair of the band’s previous albums, it’s too clean and way less peculiar, as it is possible to notice in songs like “Sharp Edges” or in “Heavy”, the first single from the album, featuring Kiiara.  

Perhaps the only good songs in the album, where Chester’s voice doesn’t seem to be obscured so much by those strong electro-pop sounds that permeate the album are just the title-track “One More Light” and  “Battle Symphony”.

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Overall, ‘One More Light’ is made of commercial melodies, and Linkin Park in this attempt, presenting to their fans songs like “Good Goodbye”, “Sorry for Now”, “Heavy” or “Sharp Edges”, might go through a sense of general disappointment due to the complete abandonment of their roots and releasing an album which will not stick in the minds of fans, and certainly contains no  authenticity and originality.

‘One More Light’ is out now via Warner Bros Records