Lilies on Mars 'AGO' - ALBUM REVIEW
Lilies on Mars 'AGO' - ALBUM REVIEW

Lilies on Mars ‘AGO’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Lilies on Mars ‘AGO’ review was written by Hollie Stokes, a GIGsoup contributor

A stunning combination of galactic rhythms and buried lyrics, Lilies on Mars have created an album that is, quite literally, out of this world.

The latest release from multi-instrumentalists Lilies on Mars offers a psychedelic fusion of celestial rhythms, haunting vocals and electric experimental pop. Fit to fill a void we didn’t know existed, Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo’s interplanetary vibes carry through the album from start to finish, ultimately creating the perfect cosmic jam.

Hailing from Sardinia, the pair moved to London in the early noughties, and have continued to create experimental soundtracks reeking with recognisable authenticity. Creating music from just “waves and radiation”, Lilies on Mars have used eighties-style rhythms and blurred, inaudible lyrics to create an energetic album full of comforting nostalgia.

‘AGO’ opens with a fitting intro of energetic synth-style beats, as ‘Stealing’ evokes a sense of calming lucidity, allowing us to float passively from one delicious track to the next. And whilst lead single ‘Dancing Star’ is set to steal the limelight, the album provides many great standalone tracks, such as ‘It Might Be’, ‘Midnight Fall’ and ‘I’ve Got You’.

Fransco Poli visually depicts the inspiration for the album in the video for ‘Dancing Star’. Inspired by the analogue video synths of the Rutt-Etra-Izer machine, Poli turns Masia and Cristofalo into abstract soundwave silhouettes, whilst combining space-age hums with syrupy vocals.

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Further into the album, with a combination of sensual and enticing beats, ‘It Might Be’ creates a sense of maturity amid the youthful, space-pop themes that transcend the track list. A mix of brash pulsations and perplexing lyrics, ‘Midnight Fall’ adds depth and darkness whilst ‘I’ve Got You’ brings the album to a close with an awkward, yet beautiful, composition of trippy echoes and spacey undertones.

It would appear that ‘AGO’ focuses heavily on the instrumentals and doesn’t dwell on an abundance of unnecessary lyrics. Each track is a combination of malleable rhythms, which lend themselves kindly to being played in any sequence lilies on Mars have put their ultramodern spin on traditional analogue techniques and with retro-fads so quickly making a comeback, ‘Dancing Stars’ finds itself right on trend.

Co-produced by Tom Furse (of The Horrors), ‘AGO’ is set to make its official release on 25th September 2015 by Lady Sometimes Records via Cargo Records UK.

Lilies on Mars 'AGO' - ALBUM REVIEW