Larry Gus 'I Need New Eyes' - ALBUM REVIEW. Lead photo by Dan Wilson -
Larry Gus 'I Need New Eyes' - ALBUM REVIEW. Lead photo by Dan Wilson -

Larry Gus ‘I Need New Eyes’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Larry Gus article was written by Fay Lenehan, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Jake Willis. Lead photo by Dan Wilson

Greek producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Panagiotis Melidis started writing music as Larry Gus back in 2006, getting his name from ‘larigas’ the Greek word for larynx (that’s the voice box in layman’s terms). His newest album ‘I Need New Eyes’ shows a steady progression from his 2013 release, ‘Years Not Living’. This second solo album is clearly more refined than previous releases and shows the introduction of some structure, but Larry Gus still needs to work on sculpting his music more for it to really pack a punch.

Clearly, Larry Gus likes creating music that is by no means straightforward. His style is evidently a chaotic; mismatch mess of samples and influences, which unfortunately fail to grab the listener’s attention. Often, it feels like he’s taken a song and then thrown samples and vocals and melodies at it without much thought for the form.

Gus has drawn inspiration from a variety of new sources, the most interesting being the African influences that can be picked out across the album, which is an interesting route for him to take with his music and it works really well for some songs. However, he also throws in a whole load of other influences that drown out potentially good tracks, and ‘I Need New Eyes’ is a perfect representation of when music becomes too experimental. It must be said that his style works for some songs like ‘A Set Of Replies’ and ‘All Graphs Explored’ – which gives off distinct New Order vibes – but it totally falls flat on others with mismatched samples spoiling potentially decent songs.

Larry Gus clearly has bags of potential (and some really great album art) but currently it feels like Gus is still trying to find his style. He’s getting there, but slowly.

‘I Need New Eyes’ is out now via DFA Records.

Larry Gus 'I Need New Eyes' - ALBUM REVIEW