Jorja Smith ‘Lost & Found’

Jorja Smith
This project introduces the prodigious capabilities of this young soul
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Remember when the world stopped for a moment on Drake’s release, ‘More Life’? Track 4, some listeners were played a sample of a young singer, then transition sets in to track 5. Jorja Smith caught the attention of most from this project and she’s been bubbling ever since. Debut album released on June 8th, 2018, ‘Lost & Found’. An angelic, calming, conscientious, and soulful R&B project from the English native. Catching wind in 2016 from her EP, Project 11, she’s worked with artists Stormzy, obviously Drake, and Kali Uchis.

To be honest, as a 20-year-old, the maturity in her style and grace is impressive. Venturing back to her Soundcloud classics, it’s like a continuation of her sensation. Easy listening that can be accepted, appreciated, and understood from children to mum. The UK introduced the world to Grime in the 2000s and in the midst of its rise, we’ve received a rose in the music from Jorja Smith.

The album’s theme is simply in the title, we follow Jorja’s path on discovery. ‘Lost & Found’ opens the 12-track project fading into vitality. Stamping the sound of approval into existence, engaging what the audience is in for. Understanding the trials of life and questioning why this bit of adversity occur.

As mentioned, the maturity in Jorja’s style of writing is remarkable for her age. Written at 16 , ‘Teenage Fantasy’ touches on what most teenagers go through. Everyone (mostly) has had the high school sweetheart and/or the crush which had us enamored in their existence. However, in a lot cases, those teenage love affairs wouldn’t get too far. This record gives an enlightened touch to what it’s like to be young and insecure. Being compassionate in the growth necessary to know what consists in a committed relationship.

“I need to grow and find myself before I let somebody love me Because at the moment I don’t know me”

In the Tom Misch produced track ‘Lifeboats (Freestyle)’, Jorja asks questions. Why are we continually allowing the people around us to fail without offering a helping hand? Promotion for assisting those who may be I need of some guidance. Kicking intelligent lines regarding the selfishness among us human beings when we’re here sharing the same space. And even insists that even the rich can fail as well and that’s key. Why allow people around you to struggle? How can a person be so selfish in themselves? A metaphoric representation on how money and greed may give the façade of success, yet in the end it doesn’t help anyone.

“Even money sinks to the bottom when it’s waterlogged So nobody truly stays afloat”

Jorja Smith is beyond talented in her gift of devising such work with her voice and ability to make music that sticks. The soulful voice and production working collectively brings emotion and life to each track. Understand, this project introduces the prodigious capabilities of this young soul. Encore! Encore! Encore!