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Blood Red Sun is as Rodgers sings, “shaping up to be quite the beauty”

There is an inevitable struggle for identity among young musician’s desperate to carve out a space in a market so oversaturated that nearly every new song that meets your ears sounds vaguely familiar.

This search for identity is especially hard if your father happens to be Steve Rodgers, of ‘Bad Company’ and ‘Free’ fame. While Jasmine Rodgers has found some acclaim before with the band ‘Boa’, her true worth was still somewhat hidden under the shadow of her father and brother, the later of which is also a member of ‘Boa’.

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With ‘Blood Red Sun’ Rodgers steps out with a record that chooses to whisper rather than shout to be heard and it is surprisingly effective. With the possible exception of ‘sense’, a song that somewhat harks back to some songs of ‘Boa’s’ ‘Twilight’ album but with more of a folk twist, you will not hear any of these songs on the radio. However, you get the sense that this is exactly what she was aiming for, as ‘Blood Red Sun’ is beautifully cinematic.

Each track is sculpted with a restrained maturity that is simply begging to be featured in Hollywood’s newest blockbuster and creates a mood that lingers in your memory far longer than anything that was actually said, not to say that the lyrics are lack luster. While there are not really any stand out lines that take your breath away, there is meaning and a story to be found in each track which gives the album as a whole a well-deserved longevity, however does significantly reduce the shelf life of each individual song.

Blood Red Sun is as Rodgers sings, “shaping up to be quite the beauty” while it is not exactly full of songs that could easily slip into your average playlist due to its soundscape-esque nature, if you do have a spare half-hour it becomes a very welcome escape from the general din of life.

Jasmine Rodgers 'Blood Red Sun'

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