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Janelle Monae
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Our favorite R&B Android from Kansas City has recently released her third studio album, the follow up to Electric Lady, Dirty Computer. In this album, Janelle Monae is determined to continue shining a light on America’s social issues, building on women empowerment, and does her best version of “telling it like it is”.

This Electric Lady currently resides in Atlanta with her Awards in acting and Grammy nominations and since debuting her single, Make Me Feel, she hasn’t missed a beat. This android doesn’t need much of a charge, since her debut album The Arch Android in 2010, Monae has done her part in creating great music. From collaborating with one ½ of the immortal Outkast’s Big Boi to working with Brian Wilson (look him up, he’s a song writer of many hits.), she’s continuing to solidify her place as an artist. After being released in 2013, her sophomore effort, The Electric Lady peaked at #5 in the US Billboard chart and #3 in the R&B/Hip-Hop category. The most impressive performance thus far is she has managed to play key roles in 2 award winning films between her 2nd and 3rd albums. She had a role in Academy & Golden Globe winning film “Moonlight”. In the film she played Teresa, the young girlfriend of Juan, a drug dealer who played a key character in the development of the key protagonist (we all hate spoilers). Monae also starred in “Hidden Figures”, a film about the black women who, for decades, gone unnoticed in NASA as human computers for the establishment’s engineers. Receiving a warm welcome from Hollywood and her creative platform in music, Dirty Computer has the capability of being Janelle Monae’s best project yet.

The lead single “Make Me Feel” is an ode to the late great, Prince. You feel his inspirational presence in the entire track, every string felt like it was being strung from his Schecter Cloud Guitar. Janelle writes her love confessions over these Prince enthused guitar riffs and expresses she’s running out of ways of showing her love and hunger for her person(s) of interest.

“Baby don’t make me spell it out for you, all of the feelings that I’ve got for you”

Another track that can arguably become an anthem to all women, “Django Jane”, Janelle Monae sets the record straight that she’s here to stay. In the song she lets the listener know of her accolades along with what women have provided unto the world. What’s appreciated is that she reminds us of her rap skills with some solid bars and lyricism. This record is short and sweet yet gets the point across in a necessary fashion.

“Jane Bond, never Jane Doe, And I Django, never Sambo”

An addition to her artistic sound, she did us a favor and involved Pharrell Williams on “I Got the Juice”. Produced by Nate “Rocket” Wonder almost specifically for this special collaboration between these two fashion front runners to run wild. This track is uplifting, having “the juice” simply means having the credibility among those you’re surrounded by. In Janelle’s case, you’re deemed untouchable and it’s going to take an army to take that away.

“If you try to grab my pussy cat, this pussy grab you back (hey!)”

Overall, in this bizarre period of living in America where negativity is running rapid in media, this album is here to boost the morale of those seeking a reminder of their appreciation. Motivation is the theme along with a mass of girl power threaded in every track to remind men that they aren’t always in charge and a woman’s worth is just as valuable.

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The albums full track listing is as follows…

01. Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)
02. Crazy, Classic, Life
03. Take a Byte
04. Jane’s Dream
05. Screwed (feat. Zoë Kravitz)
06. Django Jane
07. PYNK (feat. Grimes)
08. Make Me Feel
09. I Got the Juice (feat. Pharrell Williams)
10. I Like That
11. Stevie’s Dream
12. Don’t Judge Me
13. So Afraid
14. Americans