James Bay ‘Electric Light’

James Bay
A strong follow up to Bay's critically acclaimed debut. 'Electric Light' finds him experimenting with a wide range of musical genres
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Bay returns with his second album, after his strong and critically acclaimed debut. However this time he has changed his whole look serving net-pop punk – almost reminiscent of a young Johnny Depp with his loose hanging short hair and dark clothes. ‘Electric Light’ however inconsistent it may be is still a strong follow-up, for an artist who is still finding his feet and his prefered musical style. This album, in particular, is the start of Bay’s own electrically experimental phase which we are all here for.

A return of a true star in the making.

Three-time Brit award-winning producing Paul Epworth weaves his magic on Bay’s album. Having worked with Adele, Rihanna and many other high profile stars, he is certainly familiar with star power. With his key eye for well-crafted music and artistry, Epworth serves as a pioneering producing force on ‘Electric Light’. Further making us listen and pay attention to Bay’s own revival as an artist.

The opening track of ‘Electric Light’ sets the tone for a new phase in Bay’s fast-paced career. With a short teaser intro into the album itself, the ‘intro’ track works as a voice memo introducing us to the albums main narrative. Playing out like a movie, Bay brings his own acting skills to the scene as he opens the album like the beginning of a film, creating suspense from the get-go.

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As Bay’s said in an interview with inews on his ‘evolvement’:

“It’s an evolution, this record, because, you know, if you are an artist, you need to be reactionary, you need to move forward. If you are not moving forward, you are standing still, and that’s boring.”

Recent Singles

Having released two singles already from ‘Electric Light’. Bay is making it known that he is changing his musical style and influences as he goes along. With Wild Love, Bay laments over unspoken truths when it comes to love and the art of first encounters and first-time promises. Breaking into a gospel-like sound with a slight echo accentuating Bay’s raspy vocals as he sings “I want to give you wild love”.

Alternatively on Pink Lemonade, Bay brings forward his carefree attitude and style as he sings “do you want to talk it through” further touching on the albums eminent theme of Love. With the sound and stylings similar to that of The 1975’s early body of work, Bay works off of a sound that is infused with electric guitars and backing sounds. The type of music you would find many dancing to in a club or even at an intimate gig. Sure to be a crowd pleaser for those heartbroken or even living life as a single care-free spirit.

The full tracklist [Source: Spotify.inc] is as follows…

Electric Light is available now via Republic Records