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The concept of bands honouring their 70’s/80’s influences isn’t new, there’s a horde of bands that strive to emulate their inspirations, yet many miss the spot. Inglorious are one of the lucky few

British hard rock trailblazers Inglorious have unleashed a tidal wave upon the world with their sophomore release, unambiguously titled ‘Inglorious II’. The Inglorious fivesome are Nathan James (Vocals), Andreas Eriksson (Lead Guitar), Drew Lowe (Guitar), Colin Parkinson (Bass) and Phil Beaver (Drums).

With a commercially successful and critically acclaimed self titled debut album already under their proverbial belts, they have amassed substantial air and road miles, touring relentlessly in support. It’s no easy feat for a new band to break down barriers, pave their own path and prove themselves in today’s industry yet, Inglorious are proof it’s possible.

With tours supporting the likes of: The Winery Dogs, Dead Daisies, Steel Panther and a co-headline tour with Last In Line amongst an extensive list of festivals both within Europe and the US. The band have undoubtedly earned their stripes and subsequently honed their material, allowing them to perform like a well oiled machine.

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The band certainly chose how to commence the album consciously as climatic opener ‘I Don’t Need Your Loving’ proves to be perhaps the quintessential track. Encompassing colossal riffage, contagious hooks, extravagant solos and striking drum pounding, it’s the perfect serving to wet your appetite before delving into the remainder of the album. The sassy yet forceful ‘Read All About It’ follows in a similar vein. A mean opening riff delves into one of the heavier, grungier tracks, employing an array of tempo changes manifested within the track’s sheer charm.

Prime examples where the band has stylistically progressed; from the unostentatiously atmospheric ‘Faraway’ to the testosterone fuelled ‘Hell Or High Water’.

The former teasing the listener with an alluring intro making headway, before drummer Phil Beaver exhibiting Bonham-worthy drum fills, orchestrating the sheer versatility of this troupe. If you’re searching for a ballad this is as close as you’re gonna get.

The latter feels like a modern nod to Iron Maiden’s ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ with balls of steel; introduced by a dark ambience of percussions and hallowing guitars before an emerging full frontal guitar ambush.

Front man Nathan James displays his diverse range and styles from the soaring high ear penetrating to the low, mellow, haunting register. Arguably the highlight of the album with each member showcasing their musical expertise, packed to the rafters with engrossing thunderous percussion, beefed up basslines to carnivorous, fully loaded riffs forging a force to be reckoned with.

Elsewhere on the album there’s an ode to the soulful blues, namely the mid section tracks ‘Change Is Coming’ & ‘Making Me Pay’. The former track showcases James’ charismatic yet delicate, soulful vocal delivery complimented by blissful poignant guitar tones which fashion an invitation to the mid tempo graduating groove & enthralling music bonanza that follow suit. 

In today’s musical climate, where it’s commonplace to solely record parts and digitally send them to producers/studios/members to then add their piece of the jigsaw, James stated his desire to return to more organic, simpler times.

“Not only in rock but in Motown and even classical music they tracked everyone in the room at the same time”. “The air movement from a bass drum, that same excitement you get when you perform, and that’s exactly how I wanted the album to feel.”

At the helm of the production process is Kevin Shirley, with credentials that include Led Zeppelin & Iron Maiden amongst many others. Rendering a second to none, masterfully executed clean production of tracks, whilst retaining the raw elements giving that clear focused, refined feel.

The concept of bands honouring their 70’s/80’s influences isn’t new, there’s a horde of bands that strive to emulate their inspirations, yet many miss the spot. Inglorious are one of the lucky few. ‘Inglorious II’ simply reiterates that this is a collaborative effort, sharing influence from a similar assemblage of bands and musicians. With concise attentive detail to every note, every line and every aspect on the mixing, there’s certainly a clear perception of how the final product should sound.

‘Inglorious II’ is a monumental milestone not just for Inglorious but for the UK rock scene in general. All too often will people disregard current hard rock bands and musicians in favour of those from the 70’s/80’s, well maybe now it’s time to take note.

‘Inglorious II’ is out now on Frontiers records

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