Hurts 'Surrender' - ALBUM REVIEW
Hurts 'Surrender' - ALBUM REVIEW

Hurts ‘Surrender’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Hurts review was written by Steven Loftin, a GIGsoup contributor

Hurts 'Surrender' - ALBUM REVIEWNow on their third album, pop-noir duo Hurts’ sound has clearly progressed further than that of just two guys sat in a bedroom with a synthesiser. On this outing  the band produce a sound that is full of confidence and a progression from just airy synths and heartbroken lyrics.

We are first greeted with a minute-or-so long song that uses a female choir to beckon us to “surrender” over and over, and to let the record take over is definitely the best course of action.

Leading single, ‘Some Kind of Heaven’, is a fantastic dance song, with a catchy, repetitive post-chorus breakdown and some of the finest synth work they’ve featured to date. It’s one that will in no doubt be around for a long time, and as a leading single it’s one of the strongest competitors on the album.

Not since 2010’s ‘Wonderful Life’ has leading man Theo Hutchcraft painted such a vivid picture of another one of life’s lost souls like he does in ‘Rolling Stone’, with a central character who was a “go go dancer for the bourgeoisie”, something you can only find in a Hurts track. Potentially a character they may have met on their numerous tours throughout Europe, or just utilising the inspiration found with their huge European following. This is the quintessential Hurts track, with everything you adore about them in one tidy, suited and booted package.

The synthesising companion to Hutchcraft’s longing voice, Adam Anderson, gave away the secret formula to building the new record, which is that the perfect pop song is three and a half minutes long. This explains the briefness yet almost perfection of the well crafted record while simultaneously this could quite easily be a greatest hits record – it features all of the key components that we love from Hurts, yet seems to be enhanced with many years worth of experience.

Working with the producers who have developed the huge sound you’ll find on the later Killers’ records, a gigantic sound scape has been built around the basics of the early sound of Hurts, including the disco sound found on the track ‘Lights’. This, as previously mentioned, has allowed the progression to a much more confident and hubristic new stage for the band.

Hurts ‘Surrender’ is released October 9th via Major Label.

Hurts 'Surrender' - ALBUM REVIEW