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Loveliness is compiled with ballads that make his listeners feel like they got their heart broken right alongside them.

Harrison Lipton hails from Brooklyn, NY as a songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. Surrounding himself with music at a young age, he was involved in multiple musical projects one of which was being a soloist for a gospel choir. Leaving gospel influences in his vocals, intimacy was not a concept that was left behind after leaving the choir since it is captured in Harrison Lipton’s Loveliness with such ease. He lays down his cards in Loveliness, and his soulful voice drips with ambience while belting sweet and simple lyrics.

With ten tracks featuring wistful sounds, Lipton takes his listeners through a garden full of roses and a flowing river as soothing as his voice. 

He opens with, Pool, the first single he released which really set the path for the album and how listeners would perceive his music. The track features a simple riff, a simple beat, but with a voice that is so eerie that it inflicts goosebumps. Delivering the lyric, “hold on tight so when you go away, I keep haunting you” listeners are immediately thrown into a metaphorical stance. The pool he is jumping in, symbolizes the emotions he feels. The way that he jumps in when the lover is not home, is significant in how those emotions may not be returned. The tempo shifts with another ballad on Loveliness in Smile. Lipton slows it downand instead focuses on harmonic tones and lyrics bleeding desperation. Selfishly, he pleads to his lover and gracefully shows off his vocal range.

While the lyrics are quite simple for every track on the album, the other components of the tracks make up for it. The love story is one-sided which is easily relatable to listeners, and Lipton does a lovely job of capturing the emotions of heartbreak with a butterfly net, melting them into gold, and releasing them into the river. 

Overall, Loveliness is worth checking out for those sleepless nights where you just need to feel, or just need to hear an voice that of which can lull you right to sleep.

Loveliness is available now via Spotify.

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