Gunplay ‘ACTIVE’

Forever an underrated lyricist who has put in plenty of work over time with no signs of slowing down
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One of the original signees of Rick Ross’ MMG label, Gunplay made his return with his 4th studio album “ACTIVE”. Most have known of his style, heavy duty street rap with the talks of drugs, money, and crime. This project feels a bit more conscious, hence the album title. Implying he’s still working, still creating, still making a living through all these years. Nearly 20 projects (including collaborative efforts) in the game, Gunplay reminds everyone he won’t slow down.

Through legal issues, slowed record sales, and leading into reality TV, Gunplay isn’t lacking in staying active. This album portrays a hustler taking his future in his own hands with hunger for prosperity. After releasing himself from Def Jam recordings, the mission is independence. It’s like he’s received the short end of the stick for far too long and suggests it’s his turn to make the rules.

Leading the way is the single “Cheap Thrills”, a nostalgic record between Gunplay and his best friend, Rick Ross. A slowed electric expression on how these women can’t keep their hands off the duo. A drug induced fable performed over repeated bells of in the distance. The sort of song that serves as a representation of what it’s like to get intimate while under the influence. Some people may be familiar with the feel, however this song does it’s best to recreate the ambience and interaction for the listeners. So for anyone questioning the relationship between Ross and Gunplay, it seems to be alive and well. Nothing looks to ever come between the two.

As the epitome to the album, “SHPECKIT” demands what Gunplay feels he deserves. The respect, as a veteran in Hip Hop (over 10 years) wants to remind us how he grinded to get to this point. In such a world consumed with overnight successes of a few simple trolling Instagram videos, Gunplay sweeps the nonsense aside. In between the limelight and the background, this record describes the output of his time as an entertainer. Even at the brink of being dead broke, he’s not open to taking anymore loses.

As a 12 track album covering nearly 30 minutes of music, ACTIVE is a reminder record. It makes you wonder if Cartoon & Cereal would have made it to Kendrick’s debut album and what could have happened for Gunplay. Forever an underrated lyricist who has put in plenty of work over time with no signs of slowing down. There’s definitely an expectation for music to come now that he’s got the freedom to do as he pleases since leaving Def Jam.